Jan. 10th, 2014

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Image with the Earth below it selected by Levonsong.

The Save the Earth: The Series Anonymous Message Board and Fan Community Meme

It's been some time since our last meta meme!

And hence, for your imaginary-fandom and fourth-wall fooling around within!

Respond to this post as if it's a fan message board (or other community of dubious appreciation) for Save the Earth: The Series; start topics, go wild, shout your expectations for plot and Season finale and character arcs, post fanart and fanfiction if you're feeling especially ambitious - all in all, act out speculation on what the hypothetical alternate-universe Save the Earth fandom is like.

Also feel free to drop comments for each of your characters as - and feel free, if you're in the mood, to log back in and react to theories, shipping debates, etc. in their own individual "fan" circles!

Anonymous commenting is ON in this community, so really do go wild! Remember all the same that this is for fun - comments and threads directed at players will be deleted!