Jan. 31st, 2014

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The Train to STE Meme (SPOILERS for canon deaths)

You know those Train to the Afterlife memes? In STE the canon versions of all our characters are dead. What if there was a train bearing their spirits on to reincarnation here?

This is a meme where canon versions of the characters can interact. They all know they're dead. They may or may not remember just how they died, or how they got to be on this particular train. Doesn't matter if they'll be born decades apart - that just means some people disembark a little earlier than others. Go over brochures about what your new incarnation will be like, spontaneously turn or be human, try the snack cart, fail to convince the friendly but very busy conductor to give you a transfer, or simply chat.

You just can't stop the train, or leave it. Not yet.