Feb. 6th, 2014

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What if Save the Earth was a television show -
how would the fandom get it wrong?

Original meme in posted in July here courtesy of Krystal!

How to Play:

Post a comment for each of your characters - with a description as brief or long 'n loving as you like with a fandom/fanon version of their StE-self. What ships are they in, what are fan theories on what their pre-incarnations were like, what moments that they've had are they unable to live down, what are those fanfics that absolutely no one is ever going to forget?

Before, after, or optionally, reply around to other people's comments with more - contrary opinions to aforementioned fanon, that one ship which slipped their mind (which really should not have been done as clearly it's superior to any of the ones they mentioned), crack your injokes, etc., whatever your brain draws up.

Go wild!