Feb. 25th, 2014

sun_sun: ({Cure} This is ridiculous)
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This is a meme that provides a fun and interesting way to get some new CR and get to know your fellow players! The rules are simple:

1. Get hype about threading with some new people!
2. Reply to this post with any characters you wish to sign up for the Roulette, along with your alias as a player and preferred means of contact!
3. After the Season Finale, I will take the list of characters here, shuffle them randomly, and redistribute them into pairs.
4. You must, by any means necessary, engage in at least one thread, log, or post together with your new partner before the end of the inter-season intermission period.

UPDATE: As of 2/26, 5PM Central US, I think this list is up to date. If anything is wrong or missing, let me know.

UPDATE: As of 3/5, I am closing signups for this. I have rolled up the pairs, and will reveal them when the season ends.