Mar. 11th, 2014

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So, now that season one is officially concluded, it can be surmised that the speculative fandom for this this thing would be going completely nuts, so it's time for another meta fandom meme!

This one is simple. Just update us on how you think the fandom reacted to the season finale and what lead up to it, with their speculations on what will happen in season 2, either individual characters wise or shipping wise (because fandom) or overall plot wise (this time I'll make sure the first comment will be overall plot speculations). This can also include stuff about the actors of course.

Have fun you guys.
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Thank you to all who signed up. The dice have been rolled, the new CR pairs determined.

The names below link to the best contact info for that player. Use either those or this post to get in touch with your new partner. Your goal is to engage in at least one satisfying thread during the next two weeks.

Godspeed, my friends.

Results under the cut )