Mar. 19th, 2014

darkhourdear: (Pharos [Hi c:])
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So, imagine for a moment that a giant snake wrecked your downtown area, and instead of just leaving behind massive amounts of destructive, that it opened something else. A glowing, pink portal appears in the middle of Locke’s business district. And through it come some very... interesting characters.


 photo notexpected_zps169d03ec.gif

Welcome to Save the Earth’s Fourth Wall Meme! Characters from all over the multi-verse are arriving in this lovely city, and they might find familiar faces, though some of those faces might not recognize them... at least, not from this life.

Go forth and post with your characters! Canon, STE, AU, whatever! Want to post options for both STE and canon versions? Go ahead! Not in game? WE DON’T CARE. Play with us anyway. Heck, make up your own STE person if you like! Then tag around to everybody!!