Mar. 22nd, 2014

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Questions Meme

As first posted here by Emely!:

1. Make a thread for yourself in this post, listing the characters you play and your own name.
2. Go find someone's thread to jump and ask them A QUESTION. The question can be anything, RP related is common, of course, but not necessary. Who do you want to app most? What does Character A think about Character B? What's your favorite flavor of icecream?
3. Answer all questions asked of you! Once you have answered, end your response with a question for the person who first questioned you. This is important to keep the discussion going and going.
4. This goes back and forth indefinitely until someone gets tired and can't reply anymore.
5. Have a lot of fun! ♥

Season 2 begins tomorrow, all, and there've been plenty of developments and new blood since the first round - get the words flowin', get to know/re-know some of your gamemates, and/or simply shoot the breeze~