Apr. 1st, 2014

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"Five Years Later..."

A Good/Bad Ending Meme

Happy First Anniversary, Save the Earth.

Let us celebrate by speculating on where our characters might be in another few anniversaries - pick one or both of the below and do a little babble/blurb - and from there, o' course, freely springboard off of others... or play/thread in the hypothetical scenarios, if you'd like.

Good Ending
Congratulations, Numbers Club - you've fended off the supposed invasion, after a global chase and monster attack and pseudo-political fight one after the other! With the last of the Enemy fleeing and your lot as Earth's heroes, you've got no need to hide yourself any longer - and look how much you've grown in all that time! What have you been up to - and now that you've saved the world, what will you do next?

Bad Ending
...Or you've failed to do any such thing. The alien invasion has succeeded and swarmed over the world. They've overtaken humanity, and the Noble Numbered might be desperately putting up a last-stand defense, hiding their heads, giving in, or on the edge after a string of failures - on a case by case basis. Everyone is bound to react to the apocalypse - and failure to Save the Earth - in different ways.