Apr. 7th, 2014

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The All-Purpose CR/Plotting Meme

Let's get Season 2 - and some of our first wave of new characters! - rolling with a fresh round of the CR/Plotting Meme.

You know what to do - though we'll be trying on a couple new things this time around!

As always, the meme's open for making arrangements with and between not only current but potential characters in StE; there will be a header under which to comment with potential characters. If you have an app in that has not been processed, please, don't be shy about commenting around for prospective CR and plans on entry - though, of course, remember that plans will be tentative!

For characters of either status, toss up a comment with your character's reincarnated name, pre-incarnated name, canon, and occupation in the subject line. E.x. "Cinderella | Rarity | My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | Family Pet" In the body, of course, place any information you see fit; go on ahead and use this form if you'd like a place to start or take it however you feel -