Apr. 15th, 2014

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So one thing that bears keeping in mind about this fine RP is that most works of media that we take for granted don't exist in it, because characters from them could appear at any moment. The solution to this is to make up new ones to replace them! That way our characters can have a corpus of pop culture to reference, and also making this shit up is super fun.

We've done this once before, so I'll start us out with a list of things already established to exist. Drop by the comments and make up new ones to expand our library!

Adamgelion, a popular but ponderous mecha anime full of religious symbolism.
Advancing Alfar, a horror/action series about humanity beseiged by tiny creatures.
Card Fight!, a ridiculous anime about children's card games.
Courageous Lord Roarmachine, a mecha anime about explosions and massive toy sales.
Detergent, an action anime about vampires.
Gekiganger III, a popular mecha anime from the 1970s.
Magical Remedy, a long-running magical girl anime with a ton of different continuities and crossovers.
Magician's Card Trick, a magical girl anime with a butchered American TV version.
Pretty Pretty Sailor Girl, (has also been referred to as Moon Soldier, we should come to a consensus on that), a hit magical girl anime from the 80s.

Annie Lewis and the Aesir, a YA book series about teenagers and Norse mythology.
City of Broken Glass, a pulp series about a black woman in 1920s NY who solves magical crimes by being a wizard.
The Dwarfling, a prequel to Saturn's Lord for kids.
Fifty Sins, a massively successful book about vampires and kinky sex.
Ivorystone, a book series about animals on alien planets.
Saturn's Lord, a famous sci-fi trilogy with exhaustive world-building.
The Starheart Key, a YA fantasy novel series about elemental sword-wielding heroes.
Transcendental, a book series about two brothers fighting ghosts.

Batterman, a modern sci-fi trilogy with a controversial ending.
Guardsman, a dark and cynical take on superhero tropes.
Homebound, a webcomic slash multimedia experiment about kids playing video games.
The Unstoppable Wasp-Boy, a series about a teenager with wasp-related powers who fights crime.
The Z-Team, a popular superhero comic series about mutants.

Dark Alteration, a modern sci-fi trilogy with a controversial ending.
Data Dingos Story, a series of games about armageddon.
Dominion Souls, a game series about cartoon movie crossovers.
Fable of Helga, a hugely popular and long-running series of fantasy action RPGs.
Identity, a series of RPGs about high school kids having friendships and killing gods.
Jurassic Heart, a dating sim about dinosaurs in high school.
Law Prodigies, a game series about heroic prosecutors.
Narbacular Drop, a popular 3D puzzle game with a lot of dark humor.
Sanctuary, a recent indie game that takes place after the end of the world.
Seihou Project, a bullet hell game series about a robot maid.
Swords & Machines, an RPG series about crystals and steampunk.
Tiny Monsters, an absurdly popular game series about being the very best, the best there ever was.

The Inconceivables, an animated superhero movie by Xipar Studios.
The Revengers, a big budget superhero team-up movie from a couple years ago.

Baking Bad, a comedy series about a cancer patient who starts selling pot brownies.
Child Champs, a superhero cartoon series aimed at a younger audience.
Days of our Goodbye, a melodramatic soap opera starring Octavia Serket.
Formshifters, a low-budget sci-fi series about teens who turn into animals.
Galaxy Quest, a hugely popular sci-fi series from the 60s.
Go-Bots, a popular cartoon series about transforming robots.
Harmony Dolphin, a cartoon about dolphins aimed at young girls, with a strangely intense adult male following.
Heroines, a TV series about superheroes that was ruined by the writers' strike.
Inspector Spacetime, a long-running sci-fi series about time travel. Has a spinoff called Peacemist.
Karate Bugman, a Japanese series about superheroes on motorcycles.
Ninja-Dragon Riders, a Japanese series about people who ride dragons that are also ninjas.
The Repository, a steampunk adventure series about a female Jules Verne retrieving dangerous artifacts.
Ultra-Squad, a Japanese meta-series about teams of three to six color-coded kung fu superheroes.

If I missed something or if you've mentioned a thing ICly somewhere, drop by here to make it official.