Jun. 17th, 2014

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Hearts Meme

Apropos of nothing at all!

You know how to play - and for those of you who don't!:

1. Post a comment below with each of your characters.
2. Reply with your characters to others' comments with the appropriate hearts representative of their CR.
3. Note the hovertext fields in the heart codes - change the text as and if you please to get the meaning a bit more specific/personalized!
4. React ICly if you please - and/or return the heart-presenting either in response to comments to your character or directly to others.
5. Consider it to serve a double purpose as a CR Meme if you like - comment not only to characters with whom your character's got solid CR but those with whom you'd like to further some. Also useful as a reminder of who to include and account for to those working on CR charts!

Hearts behind the cut! )