Oct. 26th, 2014

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Test Drive meme!

Because all our characters are the modern reincarnates of the characters we know and love, you need a modern mundane AU! Post your character with a couple details about who they are now. Use a prompt to set the scene, or do something of your own! And tag around.

->Stranding Shower Inclement weather has suddenly forced you to take shelter. There's someone else under this overhang or bus stop - this might take a while, so you might as well get to know them.

->Mall adventures You work at a mall. Or you want to buy something. Or maybe you just loiter around. There's a lot of reasons to be at the mall!

->Mafia Menace Armed thugs with catlike mutations are attacking someone to tell them to stay out of the metaplot! This will end well!

->Cliffside Calamity Vegas has turned into a city atop a mountain. Things are strange... perhaps you have to climb to get to your house now, or take an elevator... or perhaps you are looking at some of the construction that is going on, or making the best of it and taking boat ride on the new lake that has shown up?

->Fairytale Wonders Or perhaps you simply wanted to go hiking or skiing today, and suddenly there is a cat-squirrel-bird-badger mutation in your way. Or you are checking out the Orbital Tower that has shown up.

->Superhuman Sighting You have an interest in seeing one of the numbered - is that one there?

->Superhuman Surprise You felt hollow for a moment, and now you're numbered! Suddenly you're that much closer to canon and manifesting a mutation, a power, or a strange memory! Probably in public!

->Wild Card Combine prompts or pick something less alliterative! Monsters! Cultists! Boring days at the mall!