Nov. 8th, 2014

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The All-Purpose CR/Plotting Meme

And again things are moving, and will keep ever moving... good if we have a moment to chat on the way...

The meme is open to, as per always, making arrangements with and between:
- Current characters in game.
- Potential characters - any characters you may have in mind up for app/re-app consideration, who there is a header for under the main post.

If you have an app in that has not been processed, please, don't be shy about commenting around for prospective CR and plans on entry - though, of course, remember that plans will be tentative!

On a relevant note, there is a new applicant guide now that might also be useful for oldbies.

For characters of either status, toss up a comment with your character's reincarnated name, pre-incarnated name, canon, and occupation in the subject line. E.x. "Cinderella | Rarity | My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | Family Pet"

You can do the comment itself totally free-style, but if you'd like to use a form, you can use the one below: