Dec. 27th, 2014

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[note: This is a post for both people that are already in the game and people that are not, or people that once were and aren't anymore! Please, everyone, stranger and friend alike, knock yourselves out!]

Soon, the Fourth Wall will be upon us, and here is a post to plot for that!

The ultimate Enable Me & Plot Post: Fourth Wall Edition.

Date: 2nd-5th of January
Location: Within all echo boundaries
Who: All fictional characters
• Opt-in through a "-fourth wall" tag. There will also be posts put up by the mods to allow the fourth wall characters to put up threadstarters in log or network post format.
• Allowed are all fictional characters. This includes, appable characters aside, also characters that have too little canon information to be apped as well as CRAUs from other games. This excludes real persons, personal accounts, and so on. Doubles of characters that are already in the game are fine. If you're uncertain, please ask!
• Visiting characters can enter the game as canon versions or StE-AUs.
• Visitors will have access to the network.
• Both types of visitors may not leave the echo boundaries (Locke City (America), Las Vegas (America), the Neuschwanstein Area (Germany/Austria), Lapland (Finland) and the Christmas Island (Australia) (for brief descriptions of the locations check the setting page). They will simply vanish if they do and respawn on the platform of the teleporter in Locke City, no matter where they left the boundaries.
• For more information, please check out the Fourth Wall post or the new player guide!

You can write your plot comment free-form, or you can use the form below - one time or many times: