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The All-Purpose CR/Plotting Meme - July 2014

The All-Purpose CR/Plotting Meme

As always, the meme's open for making arrangements with and between not only current but potential characters in StE; there will be a header under which to comment with potential characters. If you have an app in that has not been processed, please, don't be shy about commenting around for prospective CR and plans on entry - though, of course, remember that plans will be tentative!

For characters of either status, toss up a comment with your character's reincarnated name, pre-incarnated name, canon, and occupation in the subject line. E.x. "Cinderella | Rarity | My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | Family Pet" In the body, of course, place any information you see fit; go on ahead and use this form if you'd like a place to start or take it however you feel -

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Sizer | The Violinist of Hameln

[personal profile] bloodstainedwings 2014-07-07 02:02 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Sizer (Still figuring out a reincarnated name.)
Pre-Incarnation: The daughter of a demon king and a woman with unfortunate luck regarding boxes. Sizer was kidnapped at an early age and raised to be a general in a demonic army. She eventually defected to join some heroes who were heading north to fight the demon king. A bunch of other stuff happens but it's 37 volumes long and you probably don't care.
Location: Still undecided

I just started writing the app so I still haven't decided on much here. I've been toying with the idea of having her first echo be something obvious(Like her wings or her red eyes) and her family reacted badly because of all the negative things about reincarnates o the media lately. So she either left home or got kicked out. But I'm still kicking ideas around. I probably should have been more prepared before I put this up.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: She'll be a teenager so classmates/teachers are a possibility.

Open/Wanted CR: At this point, wide open.

Haunts: Malls, coffee shops, dark alleys that girls her age shouldn't be in, and really high places once she gets her wings figured out.
Potential Subjects of Interest: People whose echoes have made them non-human. Especially is the change is either demonic or angelic in nature.

Other Info: Honestly this is all still in the very early stages of brainstorming. But the meme went up, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw this on it.


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Wheatley | Portal | just some guy

[personal profile] epimethean 2014-07-06 05:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Wheatley
Pre-Incarnation: Wheatley, except a robot. From Portal.
Location: In Vegas. On vacation. Spending all his money.
Occupation/Position: Freelance programmer/code monkey/one man geek squad.

High-strung and neurotic. Talks at 90 miles an hour and never ever shuts up ever. He is sort of a dick, kind of dense, and mildly delusional. DESPERATE FOR APPROVAL and a little bit off-the-wall eccentric, but generally an okay dude.

In robot flavor he is a talking metal beachball built specifically to make other robots dumber. As you can probably imagine, that is not very good for one's self esteem or sanity.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: He's a computer guy and is basically a big loser who lives by himself in a crappy apartment but you may or may not have seen him around town wearing terrible plaid. He's got no family in the country because he is super British and not From Here, but he's been in Locke for a few years so I'm pretty much game for anything if you want to work out some pre-established CR!

Open/Wanted CR: I would love anything and everything. People his age! People to fight with! People who listen to him and tell him he's smart! People who don't! Fellow tech-savvy types! People to drag him out of his comfort zone and don't care how much he whines! He's echoed back his first ROBOT PART, so perhaps other people in the same boat!
Haunts: Coffee shops, libraries, bookstores. Internet cafes. Those kinds of places. Right now he's spending all his money at bars in Vegas.

Potential Subjects of Interest: Computer stuff. Robot stuff. Nerd stuff.

Other Info: Complete toolbox. He likes talking and sitting in coffee shops on his laptop. He's REALLY easy to rile up if you have a character who likes to rile people up, but he is also a good conversation partner?? He will teach you about computers if you are nice to him and ask him politely. He has completely useless flashlight eyes.

I'm always available for plotting and chatting and stuff on plurk at [ profile] whitticus LET'S BE FRIENDS.
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Re: Wheatley | Portal | just some guy

[personal profile] onecream_fivesugar 2014-07-06 11:38 pm (UTC)(link)
I could throw this adorkable girl at him. The tech stuff probably goes right over her head, but she'll smile and nod regardless.

She'd also be interested in the robot parts because people becoming robots sounds really cool.
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Xander Jarle / Sandrath | Original | Former soldier, now grocery store baker

[personal profile] dominateartimus 2014-07-06 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Xander Jarle
Former soldier of the military during 2002 - 2006, was honorably discharged due to the death of his twin brother, Conleth. Did talk to a non-numbered therapist who suggested to record his days on a voice recorder, takes anti-depressants, sleeping pills and occasionally smokes to make it through the day. He moved to Locke in the middle of August with his black Siamese cat, Connor. He's now a grocery store baker, owns a second cat and is presently at war with himself due to his preincarnation's echoes.

Pre-Incarnation: Sandrath
An arch-angel before being corrupted by a substance known as 'demon blood' during several wars. After many years of mentoring another angel and doing nothing, he found a vessel to search the surface for answers, before another angel interfered and made the vessel compensate for two beings instead of one. Along the way, he got some new abilities, became a little bit more crazier before siding with the beings of below. He's a fallen arch-angel now and enjoying his new life in a body of his own, with some interesting opponents springing up from time to time.

Location: Locke
Occupation/Position: Grocery store baker

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Extended family (grandfather on dad's side is very religious), old class-mates from elementary to high school (although Xander's family moved about every few years), military relationship with him, his brother or father. Ex-roomates or ex-boyfriends / girlfriends. Regulars that frequent the bakery section or co-workers. Anyone that he might have saved during the Wise Snake or Possessed Car events via the shadows.

Open/Wanted CR: I'm open to any type of CR.
Although, he can be a bit socially awkward at first if it is a friendly conversation since he tends to distance himself from others. He gets better over time, especially now that he's echoed back being more sociable.

Haunts: He usually keeps to the bakery section of his work place or the appropriate aisles if he's out getting ingredients and usually spotted walking everywhere. Most of the time he sticks to staying at his apartment.

Potential Subjects of Interest: Since he knows what he's becoming, he's starting to keep an eye open for more posts involving angels / demons and supernatural creatures. If someone is a numbered therapist or psychiatrist, he will most definitely consider speaking to them. He tends to keep to himself a lot, so it's hard to say what else may grab his attention aside from posts from his friends.

Other Info: He hasn't healed up his injuries from the mafia ambush and is either moving or finishing moving to a new apartment this month. Also, his birthday is coming up on the 23rd!

Anything Else?: I can be reached through plurk with: [ profile] joccatpaw or private messaged on this account.
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Emil Fiedler (Hamel) | Violinist of Hameln

[personal profile] abhero 2014-07-06 06:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Emil Fiedler, a dumb high school with an attitude problem.
Pre-Incarnation: Hamel, a dumb hero with music based powers and a really terrible attitude problem.
Location: Locke
Occupation/Position: High school student. Got fired last month from his part time job and currently wondering who’d hire a monster with anger issues.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: LCHS students

Open/Wanted CR: Friends, as he’s going through a hard time right now. Similarl-minded dumbasses who can distract him from the sads with ridiculous things. People with monster issues he can identify with. People who react badly to monsters and think he’s dangerous after flipping his shit in Vegas.

(As always, negative CR is pretty easy with Emil, because he’s a brat).

Haunts: He’ll try not to leave the house too much for at least two more weeks, until the mob thing blows over (unless something happens to catch his interest and then he’ll be out and about. it’s hard for him to sit still).

Potential Subjects of Interest: Music!! He has music based powers so that’s always an interesting subject. Monsters/people with monster issues. Pranks and dumb shit in general.

Other Info: He will be focusing on practicing his music powers now. After losing control on his Mazoku instincts, he wants to get better on something that can actually do good.

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evowhisperer: Made by Zalein! (Fascinating.)

[personal profile] evowhisperer 2014-07-06 06:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Cesar Sanches-Ortiz
Pre-Incarnation: Caesar Salazar
Location: Locke City
Occupation/Position: Hydraulics test engineer for ThunderCorp. He tests things.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Cesar has a mom working in geology/oil industry, a dad that works with international medical charities, and a professional soccer player brother who is now extremely kidnapped by the mafia. The family also has long-time family friends all over the globe, which includes in Locke City. Cesar did not grow up in Locke. He has few enemies, though they likely exist.

Open/Wanted CR: So there's a bunch of things that could go on for him that could be plain cool:
-More people with powers for him to nerd out over.
-Science hermanos.
-he needs to make friends with some of the people he's leaked to the mafia, or at least establish himself enough as a part of the community that when his role as a snitch is revealed, people know him well enough to know that this is way against character.
-He's feeling trapped and angry with the organizations that are out there threatening the Numbered. He's too scared to do anything overt and blatant, but he could really get behind trying to calmly sabotage them behind their backs.
-He could totally help some of the kids on the network with their science/math homework.
-He needs friends
-DROP ME A LINE HERE I love plotting and I want to try and make something with anything.

Haunts: Thunder Corp, a hamburger place near there, and soon an isolated little spot in the park where he's going to set up a testing station with Karl, to help test Karl's powers. Clearly he needs more haunts!
Potential Subjects of Interest: Yo Save-The-Earth people, Cesar is a SNITCH FOR THE MAFIA and I have an Opt-In/Opt-Out post here! Please lemme know if you want your character to be snitched, and also start mentioning if you'd like an attack or vandalism from the mafia, because those attacks have gone live!

In other news, Cesar loves science, and is actively worried about people's safety. He pays a lot of very close attention when people reveal personal information on the network (for the whole information-leaking reasons), but doesn't actually comment on those posts a lot, because he's afraid of being easily connected to them that way.

He also likes puns and accordions.

Other Info: I can be ping'd on plurk at [ profile] Zalein!

Anything Else?:

This is important and concludes my shamelessly long tl;dr.
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[personal profile] senseandcecilbility 2014-07-06 06:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Cecil Keller
Pre-Incarnation: Kevin Cecil
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation/Position: mail carrier

Misanthrope postal worker who still refuses to acknowledge that aliens exist. Will fend off possessed crabs with his second-hand umbrella. He is also being stalked by cultists, oops.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Social life, is that something you eat? Cecil practically grew up in a boarding school and spent the last few years taking care of his (now deceased) grandfather. Neighbors, shrinks, former boarding school students or teachers are likely CR. He also does voluntary work, helping homeless kids with their homework on Saturdays because deep inside his kokoro he wants do to the right thing. Oh, and if you live in Vegas he can always deliver your mail.

Open/Wanted CR: Super looking forward to tagging action posts in Vegas. Trolls, annoying people, tsun kids, adorable kids from both cities…Everybody is welcome!

Haunts: Basically, his delivery route and diners. The local library. Have I mentioned no social life?

Potential Subjects of Interest: He wants his normalcy back so badly it is really pathetic…Under the impression that a Windows 95 is a perfectly reasonable way to access the internet. He collects sea shells and penguin figurines? Greatest fear is to lose his sanity (further?) as his family medical history would suggest. Some annoying FBI agent pinned him down as a crazy cat lady, but no cats (so far).

Other Info: Since last month, he started registering as divine to those who can sense this sort of thing, even if just intuitively.

Anything Else?: Nope!
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[personal profile] kyoumibukai 2014-07-10 03:42 am (UTC)(link)
I want to get some cr with Anthony for Lucassssssss. He needs to be made aware of his shitty idiot privilege at some point.

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Alexander Mercure (Xerxes Break) | Pandora Hearts

[personal profile] squicksilver 2014-07-06 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Alex Mercure
Pre-Incarnation: Xerxes Break
Location: Las Vegas
Occupation/Position: Illusionist with a headliner magic act at the Flamingo Hotel. He'd previously been obsessed with landing a performance slot at the Bellagio, but since the lobster incidents, not so much anymore.

Tragic, violent, secretly-squishy troll reincarnated as a neurotic, excitable, creepy Vegas magician.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Vegas contacts, including fellow performers, hotel concierges, hotel staff, restaurant staff, talent scouts, random locals, anyone! Also, he grew up in Boston and lived there off and on until he was 26, so anyone from Boston, hello! He was an only child, so no siblings, but I'd be open to aunts, uncles, cousins and so forth.

Also, anyone who might have been in juvenile detention with him in Boston 12 years ago. It's a part of his past he does not talk about, so that could be wonderful and horrible.

Open/Wanted CR: I'm open to anything, but in general:

- genuinely good, kind people who are variously willing to break through his awful shell and/or knock him in the head with the fist of tough love.
- cute kids for him to hate!!!! but secretly and unwillingly melt over.
- snarky, smart-alec kids for him to.... hate.
- other people in the entertainment/hotel industry.
- other Vegas locals/visitors
- women for him to hit on (note that while he's sleazy and creepy, he's not a stalker or the least bit physically aggressive, and definitely takes no for an answer)

Haunts: His show at the Flamingo is now a headliner, at 7pm, Tuesday through Sunday, and he also does a Sunday matinee (he has Mondays off now, hooray!). He works out religiously, so you might find him at the local gym as well. He has a bright red Vespa scooter, so you might see him riding around on that.

Potential Subjects of Interest: He's interested in magic, performing artists, and really anything related to Vegas, as well as a keen interest in the latest goings-on, including the cultists, the murders, and the vermini.
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[personal profile] grannyfucker 2014-07-07 04:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Ooooh my god I didn't realize he was a magician HAHA now I need more cr between him and Jovan because I'm considering Jovan going into the whole Vegas magician biz
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[personal profile] espigeonage 2014-07-06 07:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Julien
Pre-Incarnation: Yuuya
Location: Locke
Occupation/Position: Unable to continue at his old job, Julien has been banking on his exotic look and working as a model. As a very obvious "superhero" who goes out and lives publicly, he may be considered a minor celebrity. Julien is very social and friendly, inclined to like people.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Julien traveled around the States a lot as a kid, and was in Locke for about two years as a teenager. He came back and settled here three years ago now. People he met as a teenager, in the past three years, or elsewhere in the country are very welcome! Family would also be fun, but that'd require more thrashing out and possibly consulting with Blaine's mun.

Open/Wanted CR: Anything's cool! He's always good for making friends.

Haunts: He can't be found absolutely anywhere, but he's often out in public places, and his picture is in a lot of places. Just nowhere after dark. Lately he's often at the Thorssons to bathe in their yard.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Growing wings? Really it's hard to say, he's not shy at all but his mun sometimes tires and can't think of responses for him.

Other Info: I like writing fluff. |D What, I do. And friendly things in general. And I like it when Julien can be competent about something or other.
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Liam B. Benedict | Legolas | Tolkien | Intern at Rain Industries

[personal profile] arrowpoint 2014-07-06 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Liam B. Benedict
Pre-Incarnation: Legolas from Tolkien's works
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: Paid intern at Rain industries

Liam is recent college graduate and a rich kid. He feels a bit more entitled than most, and makes a lot of poor choices with the utmost confidence. He loves nature and is very for saving the environment, but has misconceptions about the right way to go about it. Vegan for environmental reasons, but failing at it, because he doesn't know how to eat right. He's also generally a nice guy, just a little derp for above mentioned reasons.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: He's a recent graduate from college, went to Dartmouth. College buddies (Particularly of the environmentally conscious and vegan variety) very welcome.

Open/Wanted CR: ANYTHING, other than that, ADULT SUPERVISION. He needs some kind of mentor to help the rich spoiled kid grow up a bit, and someone to talk to. I would definitely love some out of cast CR. He's unhappy with most of his cast right now, so he needs it. He also needs some regular buddies.

Haunts: Nothing in particular, honestly. He's been kind of isolated because he doesn't have a car and lives out in the woods. He does, however, have a dog that maybe you can encounter him walking?

Potential Subjects of Interest: The environment, vegan things, general hippie-tree-hugger convo. Hiking, biking, camping, and more recently archery as well. Interesting echos also might catch his eye. People in trouble would also catch his attention, not that he could do much about it right now.

Other Info: Liam's in a somewhat unhappy place right now. He's echoed back negative feelings towards Dwarves, and protective feelings towards Ariel (Tauriel), who happens to be dating one. On top of this, he's echoed sea-longing, which makes him feel a bit restless and wistful about going somewhere, but he doesn't know where that somewhere is. Just that it's probably west.
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Robyn Lyre | Ruby Rose | RWBY | Dork/LCHS Student/Superhero

[personal profile] onecream_fivesugar 2014-07-06 11:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Robyn Lyre
Pre-Incarnation: Ruby Rose
Location: Locke City
Occupation/Position: Student/On summer break

Recently moved to Locke City to live with her dad. She's a bumbling dork with a heart of gold. Now that she's on the network she's trying to make live out her dream of being a superhero.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Her dad is reserved for someone else. Her mom moved to the UK for work related reasons but I'd be open to someone picking her up at some point. There'd have to be a lot of pre-planning for that though.

Other relatives are possible but we'd have to discuss that with some other people as well!

Classmates, people she's talked to on the internet, (She was a pretty big fan of the numbered before becoming one. Particularly Cure Phantom who she's written fanfiction and drawn some terrible artwork of.) I'm open to just about any idea?

Open/Wanted CR: Anything and everything! I'm not picky and am just happy to throw her at people.

Haunts: The mall, comic book stores, ice cream stands, music stores.

Potential Subjects of Interest: Anything superhero related, she's big on music too and plays the guitar, she lights up when she finds out about other peoples powers too. If you have a cool power or a heroic identity, she probably wants your autograph.

Anything Else?: title or description
scarlet_devil: ([Teen] A smile)

[personal profile] scarlet_devil 2014-07-20 03:37 am (UTC)(link)
If she gets her next echo, Emi will be wanting to show off her new strength to Robyn and be a show off in general.

(no subject)

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Toushirou Hitsugaya | Bleach | Middle School Student

[personal profile] icy_heavens 2014-07-07 01:02 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Toushirou Hitsugaya
Pre-Incarnation: Captain Hitsugaya Toushirou, thank you very much!
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: Middle School Student (On summer break, of course.)

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Other kids around his age (he's twelve), such as schoolmates, soccer teammates, bullies. Also teachers, coaches, people working low-level service jobs might recognize him as he pretty regularly does errands for his arthritic Granny.

Open/Wanted CR: Not too particular here, but I'd love to get him some more stuff with older kids again; he used to have a lot of that, but most of it has dropped over time. Adults to fret over his involvement, adults that are okay with it, mentor figures . . .

Haunts: Biggest opportunities are parks. He's an athletic little kid, and all. Also places like grocery stores and drugstores are possibilities because of the aforementioned errand-running.

Potential Subjects of Interest: If he doesn't already know you, plot stuff will get his attention the fastest. Especially stuff about Thundercorp or the mob right now. Talk of ghosts or other things along those lines would catch his attention, too.

Other Info: I have never gotten to write this kid having a proper swordfight, not even a training session. I'm a sucker for these things and would adore an opportunity.
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[personal profile] onecream_fivesugar 2014-07-07 03:07 am (UTC)(link)
These two have to hang out more, whether they like it or not.

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ursoreckless: (okay then)

[personal profile] ursoreckless 2014-07-07 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Chinen Shou
Pre-Incarnation: Sho
Location: Locke City but he does travel. A lot.
Occupation/Position: Rich trust fund baby by day, rich wannabe gangsta by night

A rich guy who hails from Japan, his father is in money while his mother a grade AAA++++++ concert pianist. He has a lot of raw talent, a lot of potential skills, but never really cared to work on his talents because of boring factors. He has a good heart and more than willing to use his money to make people happy even though he knows that it will cause problems later on down the line. He likes pulling pranks, has no sense of body shame, and is always looking for someone new to date. He really loves dating.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: He has a huge family in America and in Japan. His mother is Japanese-American who met his father during her time in Tokyo and theirs was a story-tale romance. Shou also is not celibate, so he has dated a lot, and his family is known for charities and the like. Fellow musicians at a certain level (mainly charity works), fellow clubbers, fellow cosplayers also would know him.


Haunts: Bars, charities, and the like.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Music, rich people stuff, eating right (he is surprisingly health conscious under all the fluff), cosplaying, video games (the S&M games by InABox is a big favorite of his), music, fast cars, women, music.

Other Info: He is going criminal sometime in the future. He is also going to gain the less-than-nice habits of his canon self.

Anything Else?:

swissarmyjesus: (Default)

[personal profile] swissarmyjesus 2014-07-09 03:51 am (UTC)(link)
a boy too rich for his own good who is turning to crime, eh?


Maybe this Blood Key can help push him down the slippery slope of criminalism?

(no subject)

[personal profile] ursoreckless - 2014-07-13 17:42 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] swissarmyjesus - 2014-07-15 04:46 (UTC) - Expand

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dead_black_eyes: "Dead Man's Party" (Leave your body at the door)

Lazarus "L" Lawliet | Death Note | Private Investigator and Owner of Espresso Yourself

[personal profile] dead_black_eyes 2014-07-07 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Lazarus "L" Lawliet
Pre-Incarnation: L Lawliet
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: L owns Espresso Yourself, a local coffee shop that is notable for openly prioritizing hiring numbered people. Less openly, L moonlights as a private investigator.

Lazarus was a chess prodigy who burned out spectacularly and spent a few years on a wholly hopeless and self-destructive bender before he started getting L's echoes. It's not even an exaggeration to say that they've saved his life and given him purpose, but as intelligent and talented as he is, his past demons remain a factor and have left scars, figuratively and literally, that are a challenge to work around. Dealing with him is high-risk and high-reward but, at the very least, it is seldom boring.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: L has distant relatives in Russia, England, France, and Japan. He was orphaned and raised by his (now deceased) uncle and he has not met most of these relatives; the exception are his paternal grandparents who were unhappy with his father's marriage to a Catholic girl and kind of disowned them all. Outside of family, L spent a lot of time in his youth competing in chess tournaments; if your character was on that circuit at all between 1994 and 2007 or so, they undoubtedly remember a young and vaguely pitiable young Grandmaster who played a beautiful game of chess but was withdrawn and couldn't seem to get out from under his overbearing uncle's shadow. During this time L also did a lot of presentations at chess clubs in middle schools and high schools, which was largely the only contact he had with kids his own age. Though he was homeschooled, he took college classes in his early teens, progressed quickly, and was halfway through earning master's degree in Criminal Justice at Locke City University by the time he was 17. Classmates in the same track at the same time would remember him, along with the fact that he dropped out suddenly mid-semester.

Starting in 2007 and ending in 2009 he was at White Pines Psychiatric Hospital in Locke City. Volunteers, doctors, and other residents would remember him. Drug dealers and people who have been in rehab for drug use might also have brushed shoulders with him. HIT ME UP I am easy and love pre-existing CR. I'm happy to work with you to figure out something.

Open/Wanted CR: EVERYTHING. Good, bad, old, new, sweet and spicy. I love pushing my character and seeing what different people can challenge him into doing and thinking.

Haunts: He is a fixture at the coffee shop Espresso Yourself for much of the week during the daytime; although he's the owner, they are reliably understaffed and it's not unusual for him to step behind the counter when needed. He likes the park, too, but since he's a detective he's often poking his nose around where he has no business. This is very, very flexible.
Potential Subjects of Interest: People who need jobs always catch L's interest, since he has something he can give them. He pays close attention to the network and doesn't respond well to posts or topics he perceives as unimportant or a waste of time and attention, since he operates on a very tight schedule. Anything to do with a case, whether it's one he's already taken or might want to. Because he fancies himself an intelligent person he's likely to chime in on a lot of topics... either revealing his genius or his surprising naivety on a lot of matters.

Other Info: Lazarus is a decent enough person. Canonly, L isn't, so much. Right now I'm working on trying to balance Lazarus' genuine desire to do good with the kinds of tendencies and memories he'll be echoing back pretty soon. This is challenging and I foresee a few bumps along the way. Because I apped an already frustrating character with a very bumpy backstory involving sensitive subject matter like mental illness, drug abuse and a suicide attempt, he has an opt-out post if you want to be shielded from a certain kind of subject matter in interactions, or would rather not interact with him at all.

Alternatively if you have a character who is dealing/has dealt with similar issues and might share a unique perspective with L that allows them to bond over mutually helpful insight and experience, I would love to apply it to that kind of development.

Anything Else?: I love plotting. Plot with me sometime.
charcoalfeather: (The crows?)

[personal profile] charcoalfeather 2014-07-07 03:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm hoping we get to do more with these two in the future. I like their dynamic.

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hotshots: ([H] - 0005)

Neil Dylandy | Lockon Stratos 1.0 | Mobile Suit Gundam 00 | Mechanic/Giant Robot Pilot

[personal profile] hotshots 2014-07-07 03:44 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Neil Dylandy
Former soldier, mechanic by day, sometimes bartender by night, all the time Gundamsitter.
Pre-Incarnation: Neil Dylandy, codenamed Lockon Stratos
A man who lost his family to terrorism, he fights injustice in a giant robot... with... um. Terrorism???
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: Mechanic. Owns an auto repair shop.

Also has a bitchin' giant robot that's currently parked in an area of LCU the FBI has sectioned off. Watching over/investigating that thing is almost another occupation at this point.

...especially since he's starting to kind of get an in with his FBI overseers the longer he's there.

He also sometimes helps his Mom a the family owned bar.

Neil is a man of many talents.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Raised in Locke his whole life, he was an Army Ranger in the Middle East in the early 2000s, but nearly lost his leg in the process. Honorably discharged, he later started up an auto repair shop. He's in his early 30s, so if you're in that time frame you could have gone to school with him. Former military guys are also a possibility, as are people who have taken their cars to his shop to be fixed up.

Open/Wanted CR: Annnnnnnnnything. Older folks, younger folks. Neil kind of needs to get out more, he's been staring at his Gundam for too long.

Haunts: His shop, his family's bar, LCU's mecha sector. Though that last one's only accessible by the pilots and FBI agents. You still might catch him around campus going back and forth.
evowhisperer: made by Zalein! (I wish I had an evil beard)

Re: Neil Dylandy | Lockon Stratos 1.0 | Mobile Suit Gundam 00 | Mechanic/Giant Robot Pilot

[personal profile] evowhisperer 2014-07-07 04:11 am (UTC)(link)
I still want Cesar to wind up at the Dylandy bar, somehow...

... That, or for Cesar's car to break down, Cesar to try and fix it, and then Cesar to have to bring it in to the shop because he got halfway through taking everything apart and trying something new before realizing This Was A Bad Idea.

(no subject)

[personal profile] amajin - 2014-07-10 03:56 (UTC) - Expand
purestambition: (086)

Saretha Kaiser | Satsuki Kiyuin | Kill la Kill | College Student/Entrepreneur

[personal profile] purestambition 2014-07-07 03:48 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Saretha Kaiser
Rich girl with too much money and what she perceives as not enough power. Confident, she wants to make use of these new "resources" she's found to better her own position... and if helping to save the world is a consequence of that, hey. Why not.
Pre-Incarnation: Satsuki Kiryuin
Also rich, also confident. Ruled her school with an iron fist, built up an army behind her mother's back in order to bring her down and save her world. Unlike Saretha, did it for the fact it was a righteous cause. And maybe a bit of straight up, old fashioned vengeance.
Location: Locke City, NJ - but she can pretty much fly back and forth whenever she damn well feels like it.
Occupation/Position: College Student. Business Entrepreneur on the side - she has the money, so she's going to use it, and has been funding several small business start ups in LC for a little while.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Rich people. Business people. She's 21, so if you're around that age and attended the best private schools money could buy, there's that too. She's going to LCU now because its close.

Open/Wanted CR: Anything. She's not the ... nicest person, yet? She has yet to really gain Satsuki's sense of justice - she very well will use people to get what she wants, if she sees the opportunity. She's also quite willing to work alongside them as (mostly) equals if they prove themselves. But she's very judgmental in general, so one must be prepared for that.

There's also the chance that if you impress her enough, she might hire you.

Haunts: LCU, various small businesses here and there across the city. She's downtown a lot of times.

Other Info: Right now, Saretha is largely being played by ear dependent on what CR she gains and where the game plot goes. There are big plans further down the line with Raye Satterfield, but beyond that she's fairly open. In fact, she and Raye just had a big throwdown to power themselves up. As well, she was probably QUITE OUTSPOKEN during Benwick's meeting. She's got her power now, she's going to be using it.
charcoalfeather: (Is that heaven?)

[personal profile] charcoalfeather 2014-07-07 02:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Obviously these two should interact more. As Raye's Mako, that shouldn't be very hard.

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[personal profile] swissarmyjesus - 2014-07-09 03:54 (UTC) - Expand
alilyinthemoonslight: (Default)

Lily Tsukuyomi | Yuri Tsukikage | Heartcatch Precure | Precure/Soon-to-be College Student

[personal profile] alilyinthemoonslight 2014-07-07 04:04 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Lily Tsukuyomi
Once your ordinary, if highly intelligent and nerdy high school student. Now, a magical girl that fights for justice! Or at least, would like to if she could just figure out what to fight now.
Pre-Incarnation: Yuri Tsukikage
Tragedy prone magical girl. Things die around her. A lot.
Location: Back in Locke City, NJ for now.
Occupation/Position: High School Student/Precure

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Lily's been in Locke City for the past 2 1/2 years. She's been an exceptional, if sometimes easily distracted student, so it's very easy to know her from there! She lived all over the country before then. Since the Wise Snake fight, the identity of most Precures was sussed out if not blown outright by reporters the day of the battle, so it's easy for her being a magical girl who fought a GIANT SNAKE with a sister who has a giant batwing and even a girlfriend who is also a magical girl to be known quantities coming in to meeting her, especially if its from High School. You know how those rumor mills work.

Open/Wanted CR: Anything, really! Lily has a wide variety of characters she's interacted with in the last half year or more I've been in the game. She's always up for interacting with pretty much anyone so if you want a brainy magical girl to bug you, feel free!

Haunts: In Locke, she most often frequents the library, any book stores still standing nowadays, and once college starts up... there'll be that. But not for now. Yes, Lily is... kind of a loser.

Other Info: Recently, Lily was injured by a Vermini possessed animal. She's recovered from that physically, but the psychological effect is going to stay with her for a little while. So she's a little bit distant now, but she's working on that.

She is most often working together with other Cures, magical girls ... and Raye. But she's willing to help anyone who needs it! She's taking this whole "superhero" thing kind of seriously, even if her confidence has been shot lately.
starlightheart: (rh - circle)

Natalie Tamura | Nanoha Takamachi | Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha | 3rd Grade Elementary Teacher

[personal profile] starlightheart 2014-07-07 04:07 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Natalie Tamura
Natalie is a young woman who led a fairly normal life until she saw the Wise Snake. Now, she's beginning to gain magical power (that she doesn't yet know is magical) that is destructive and she has no idea whatsoever what to do with it.
Pre-Incarnation: Nanoha Takamachi
Magical girl turned magical drill sergent, the Ace of Aces and Captain in an interdimensional military police organization.
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: 3rd Grade Teacher

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Natalie has lived in Locke since she was a young girl, though she was born in Japan. She led a regular, event free life up until now - attending school through your standard public schools and then attending LCU until she graduated and went on to become a teacher. She could be known from any of those points to her current job pretty easily! Although it's now SUMMER, so... ... not as much at the moment.

Open/Wanted CR: Natalie has no idea what she's doing, she needs people to possibly help get her out in the open more. Other people dealing with magical or suddenly destructive powers could be a good thing, as well as similarly aged folks, other teachers, etc. Young kids who possibly attend Locke Elementary/could have recently been doing as such (she only started teaching a couple years ago) are also a thing I'd like to see if she could work with.

Haunts: Natalie has a fairly normal social life at this point, so she could be seen in all sorts of places around and about Locke City. She works at Locke Elementary, and lives in a small apartment building.

Potential Subjects of Interest: Younger characters doing dangerous things is likely to catch her eye, though she's already well aware from talking with a couple of them that at least some teenagers know better than her how to deal with all this. Younger than that and she might start to stress out a little over them, as she's responsible for young children every day.

Eventually she'll be echoing back memories of being a soldier of a sort, but that's a ways off.

Otherwise, teachers will probably catch her attention - as might cooks! And nice people in general. She's really friendly!
Also if you can teach her how to NOT blow holes in things except when she wants to, that'd be great.

Other Info: The power of Nanoha that Natalie is currently echoing back can be highly destructive, and she'll be regaining portions of it before she regains the memory of how to USE it. Depending on events in the game, this could end poorly or not, it depends on who she has around her to help.
cava: actually i don't these glasses are too tinted (Default)

Cain Hashimoto | Enter | Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters | Some Dude

[personal profile] cava 2014-07-07 04:13 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Cain Hashimoto
Pre-Incarnation: Enter, inhuman evil AI made by another AI out of the data of a bunch of dead people, who doubled as a snake-themed evil Power Ranger, giant robot pilot and general Sentai villain.
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: Freelance techie/programmer/code monkey

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Family's not really open, but I GUESS if you wanted to be a cousin or something we could try working something out. He worked at Prometheus until the building was destroyed, and graduated from LCU with a degree in computer science a few years ago. Worked tech support there until last year. He's an embarrassing fan of EDM and the like, and hops clubs in his spare time. Lives in Japantown. He also keeps a Burmese python named Jormungandr.

Open/Wanted CR: Henshin heroes, superheroes in general, magical girls, people to call him on his shit, people who were bad in their past lives but now aren't so much. Other Canadians or Francophones. Other past-life AI/robot people???

Haunts: Coffee shops, pet supply stores, Japantown, bars, etc. He gets out a lot.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Programming, robotics, technology. Alternative energy and artificial intelligence. Transforming heroes/villains??? Tech in general, really.

Other Info: He's been getting back powers without a lot of memories or mental changes. I hope to soon change that. As it stands, the power alone is starting to get to his head. Attended Geoff's spaceship meeting, currently crushing on Saretha Kaiser and it's terrible.
Edited 2014-07-07 04:14 (UTC)
purestambition: (091)

[personal profile] purestambition 2014-07-07 04:25 am (UTC)(link)
I'll be honest.

I'm looking forward to the whiteboards.

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moodkiller: (pic#7652077)

Nat Sherman | Naoto Shirogane | Persona 4 | LCHS student

[personal profile] moodkiller 2014-07-07 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Nat Sherman
Pre-Incarnation: Naoto Shirogane
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: Honors student at LCHS, starting her senior year in the fall. Skipped tenth grade and another somewhere back in elementary school. Knows she wants to be a detective, it's just a matter of getting there.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Her family is bbbbbasically sewn up, so that's out. Her mother is second-generation Japanese-American and tries to keep a link open for Nat to that side of her background and identity, so Nat goes to a lot of cultural events in Japantown?? Members of the police or other LCHS students might know her, or know of her.

Open/Wanted CR: Nerds. Detectives. Police officers. Monster-summoners. Magic users. Henshin heroes. Magical girls. Gimme anything, gimme everything.

Haunts: Bookstores, libraries, hobby and comic shops. Hardware stores. The mall. Craft stores. Museums??
Potential Subjects of Interest: : Detective work, investigations, that whole shebang. Robots. Superheroes??? Electronics and scale modeling. Also old school shoujo tbh.

Other Info: She's not outright hostile to people but she's pretty disconnected and closed off. Keep 'em at arm's length. Matt is one of the few exceptions so far, because he's family. Aaaand she recently echoed back her Persona and a bunch of skills for it! And none of her castmates are actually from her game, so that's been confusing for her. She attended Geoff's spaceship meeting, and got one of Naoto's outfits back from it. It's made her want to change up her wardrobe more to go along with it.

Went to Vegas last month, it gave her a lot to think about.
guncrazy: (Default)

sorry I'm tagging with him right now you can deal with this account

[personal profile] guncrazy 2014-07-07 04:25 am (UTC)(link)
Nat still needs to meet her cousin's girlfriend just saying

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buildyourworld: (called it)

[personal profile] buildyourworld 2014-07-07 05:58 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Eugen Lambert
Pre-Incarnation: Tieria Erde
Location: Locke City
Occupation/Position: Has just gotten a job change into FBI R&D Dept (still under probation). Would still tutor if hired.

Own a one-man war machine, currently parked at the Giant Robot HQ (LCU).

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Friends, professional peers (Mech Engineering/Robotics field), ex-es, friends from the farms, students of his class.

Open/Wanted CR: Everything goes with him since he's not too picky socially. Romance is cool too, he's too hung up on Melissa, it's probably good to start looking elsewhere.

Haunts: Giant Robot HQ, coffee cafe, the Dylandy's family bar, library, tech shops.

Potential Subjects of Interest: Mechanical things, robots, animals, alien, all sorts of random stuff
charcoalfeather: (Is that heaven?)

Rakka Yoshitoshi | Rakka | Haibane Renmei | Student

[personal profile] charcoalfeather 2014-07-07 02:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Rakka Yoshitoshi
Pre-Incarnation: Rakka
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: High school student

A foreign student from Japan, sent here by her parents. A really nice person, if a little quiet, but she'll make her voice heard if she has to. She's a bit of a broken bird, but that doesn't stop her from trying.

In another life, she was a curious, happy angel girl. A Haibane to be exact. She grew and learned and matured very quickly. She can't fly though, despite what they tell you about angels.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Her family back in Japan and any former friends.

Open/Wanted CR: More of the students from the high school, and just about anything else.

Haunts: The Dians house, the park, bookstores around Locke, maybe even an arcade here and there.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Fantasy stories, things about religion (angels in particular) Japanese culture and movies.

Other Info: Among other things, she's going to be attempting to fly soon, so there's that. She's already gotten her wings and halo. Now, all that has to happen is her discovering just what she really is.

Anything Else?: Is she slowly becoming part of the magical girls? It feels like she is.
allformii_ko: (Default)

[personal profile] allformii_ko 2014-07-07 03:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Mimi
Pre-Incarnation: Miiko Suzuhara
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: ...Cat

A bakeneko/monster cat who can transform herself into a human for periods of time. She wants to learn how to act like a human so she can befriend her owner as another person instead of simply being treated as an ordinary cat.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: She was a stray who probably accepted food from pretty much anyone before she was taken off the streets by her current owner. She also has a habit of wandering around the city in human form and occasionally asking strangers for help locating certain places.

Open/Wanted CR: Anything. I am totally cool with anyone who is totally cool with handling a pampered cat.

Haunts: As mentioned before, she wanders around the city a lot, though she stays away from the ThunderCorp. stuff. It's too creepy for her.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Posts that aren't text! She can't read it yet. The best way to bond with her is to call her cute and be nice to her and basically indulge her extreme curiosity and utter lack of knowledge regarding How Humans Work.

Other Info: Kind of tempted to turn her blue at some point, as that was her original fur/hair color, but I'd need to figure out how she'd deal with her owner first. I might be open to having her run away and live with others, though?

Anything Else?: In general I want to get her more involved with the numbers thing, but she's so woefully ignorant of what's going on, so my mission is to turn that around!
kyoumibukai: (♁ i spotty a hotty)

[personal profile] kyoumibukai 2014-07-10 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
Please be more good friends with Lucas, he likes kitties.

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mistakesmakeuswhoweare: (I Like What I See)

Isabela Costa | Isabela | Dragon Age | Romance Novelist/Gambler/Cyberpirate

[personal profile] mistakesmakeuswhoweare 2014-07-07 07:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Isabela Costa
Pre-Incarnation: Isabela
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: Romance novelist, but also has a habit of gambling and engages in cyberpiracy on a semi-regular basis.

The flirtatious, cavalier Isabela is always ready to have some fun! She enjoys the ocean, drinking and booty--both kinds. She's a wealthy widow, though she doesn't like to advertise it much, and her home is frequently open to people who just need to get away for a little while. She loves stories, both telling and hearing.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities:: She is originally a California girl, so anyone from there might have run into her at some point. She likes Vegas and visits fairly regularly, but she prefers coastal living. As a published romance novelist, it's possible someone might have read her books or recognize her from the dust jacket portrait.

Open/Wanted CR: Up for anything! Mostly, she likes people who are fun to be around, and will quickly lose interest if she gets bored. She also is drawn to less-than-reputable sorts, being one herself. She is a shameless flirt and a bit of a slut, so she might attempt to sleep with people who seem interested and interesting. She also sometimes writes "friend fiction" for people she's fond of.

Haunts: She generally works from home, but it isn't uncommon to see her drinking in the local bars or patronizing adult bookshops. Sometimes she just sits somewhere and peoplewatches.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Anything that sounds like a good time or likely involves booze or playing games of all kinds. She also has a very strong interest in sex, both on concrete and abstract levels. Sailing will always pique her interest.

Other Info: Not much I n particular, but she's developed a close (for her, anyway--she doesn't do "commitment" well) relationship with Julien and can be found around him on a fairly regular basis. She's also gotten in with the Thorssena/Ryans through this friendship, so probably half of Locke knows of her by proxy by now.

Anything Else?: You won't be bored around her! No promises you won't regret it, though.
sunshinethatwarmsherup: (Default)

Linda Hikada | Miku Kohinata | Senkei Zesshou Symphogear | High-School Student

[personal profile] sunshinethatwarmsherup 2014-07-08 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Linda Hidaka
Pre-Incarnation: Miku Kohinata
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation/Position: Student

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Linda has a younger sister, and older brother, and both of her parents are still around. There's also a chance that if your character is a student or teacher in Vegas that they could've known each other before that from school and stuff.

Open/Wanted CR: Not really all that picky here. Teenagers would probably be best since it'd be easier for her to get along with them, but she's been doing pretty well with talking to adults and stuff as well.

Haunts: Besides her school, she really doesn't have that many established haunts of her own, though when she's really bored she can be found throughout the Vegas strip trying to find something fun to do (that she's legally allowed to do, of course). Though with the stuff happening lately, unless she does have plans with someone, she hasn't really been bothering too much. Kinda a side effect of shellfish attacking her.

Potential Subjects of Interest: Linda is trying to figure out more about the network and stuff, as well as keeping a low profile because she's living in a town where numbered are being murdered. She's also trying to figure out more about how the echoes actually work, because as far as she's concerned, the sooner she has whatever powers she's supposed to have, the better.

If anyone wants to have their character complain about their abilities or being numbered or whatever, she might be able to listen to them and try to offer support, so if Linda gets along with them we can try that too.

Other Info: Because of the nature of how Linda's abilities work, unless if she manages to actually be near someone who can take a sample of her blood and then reverse engineer a drug that's in her blood once she echoes it back, her powers are basically going to be a one time thing. So despite the fact that Linda's going to start desperately wanting super powers, I'm going to hold off on it until a suitably epic plot that happens. So Linda's going to really start to get annoyed after a while. Sorry for whoever has to actually deal with that.

Anything Else?: I don't think there's anything else here I need to say right now. Everything else should cover this.
abhero: illbillyou @ lj (Default)

[personal profile] abhero 2014-07-08 07:28 am (UTC)(link)
I really enjoyed Linda and Emil's thread a while ago, and like them to interact more. They're in different locations but network CR can be a thing?

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