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Test drive


> Transportation/travel. You're at an airport or train station, whether to escape or take a tour to a strange-events hotspot, or plain go on an innocent vacation. Mix up your bags or timetables, grab a pre-ride snack, chat up those with the same destination, get or give directions, find yourself receiving an ill-timed item Echo in front of security - whatever you can think up!
> It's raining men vi har paraply It's raining, so seek shelter... Or run into someone because your umbrella is blocking your view, or jump into puddles and get everyone else wetter than they should be.
> Grab a coffee or get a letter You're at work, whatever that is; a coffee shop perhaps, or maybe you work for the FBI or as a kindergarten teacher, or something else entirely. Either way, things happen - maybe you only do your job, but maybe the supernatural suddenly impacts you in ways that you didn't plan on...
> Say - is that one of those superhumans you've spied on the street? Yes, I do believe it is - you've seen them on the news/read about them, that or their looks give them away! Go on and ask questions of them, be it for serious answers or an autograph, depending on who you are.
> ...And it looks like you're a superhuman yourself. Looks like that hollowed-out feeling you got was followed by a mutation, or some strange thing in your brain. How're you going to come to grips with it? Maybe you received something right in the middle of the street, or while riding the bus, at school, or maybe on a date...
> Wildcard/Etc. Make up your own!

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