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Canon: Death Note
Characters wanted: Light, Misa, Matsuda, Mello, Matt, Near, Beyond, Watari, Ryuk, Rem, Naomi, Aizawa, Mogi, Ide, Soichiro, Sayu, Sachiko, Raye, etc.
Characters already in game: Just L over here.
Characters reserved: N/A

Type of CR: People who worked or stayed in White Pines psychiatric hospital between 2007 and 2009, and also... relatives! Relatives would be great, even distant-ass ones. Cousins, aunts, uncles, maternal grandparents, half-siblings, I would love to work with you on this.
Character looking: Lazarus "L" Lawliet is the reincarnation of Death Note's L. A homeschooled orphan raised by his exploitative uncle, he got a lot of early attention as a chess prodigy and for his high intelligence, which he applied toward accelerated coursework with the goal of becoming a police detective. Sadly, he suffered a nervous breakdown in his late teens, just one semester short of earning his master's degree in Criminal Justice, and he had to take a "rest" at a psychiatric hospital... which lasted almost three years. When he got out he tried to resume the life he'd wanted but got rejected from the police academy, and this started a downward spiral of untreated mental illness and substance abuse. On the edge of homelessness and struggling through the 17th draft of a derivative and ridiculous detective novel, he started getting echoes consistently, and was immediately humbled by the impressive nature of his preincarnate. The detective L was a wonder who inspired awe in the lackluster Lazarus, but the more he gets of the picture, the more Lazarus is starting to realize that his "heroic detective who saved children" has something of a darker side. Nevertheless, he's working to balance his own self-destructive nature with the good he knows he can do with L's skills and traits.
Contact: AIM is [tinmaiden], email is [], plurk is [lexil], PMing this account is also totally OK.

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