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Test Drive Meme


Because all our characters are the modern reincarnates of the characters we know and love, you need a modern mundane AU! Post your character with a couple details about who they are now. Use a prompt to set the scene! And tag around.

->Stranding Shower Inclement weather has suddenly forced you to take shelter. There's someone else under this overhang or bus stop - this might take a while, so you might as well get to know them.

->Mafia Menace Armed thugs with catlike mutations are attacking someone to tell them to stay out of the metaplot! This will end well!

->Cliffside Calamity Vegas has turned into a city atop a mountain. Things are somehow intact, but now the front door to something you have to get in or out of overlooks a sheer drop.

->Superhuman Sighting You have an interest in seeing one of the numbered - is that one there?

->Superhuman Surprise You felt hollow for a moment, and now you're numbered! Suddenly you're that much closer to canon and manifesting a mutation, a power, or a strange memory! Probably in public!

->Wild Card Combine prompts or pick something less alliterative! Monsters! Cultists! Boring days at the mall!
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The Cat | Tortall Universe

[personal profile] topurrdivine 2014-08-30 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[A cat has taken shelter from the rain, tail curled neatly around its paws. Its eyes are strikingly purple.

...Wait, is that your cat? Surely it didn't have purple eyes before. dude idk if I'm going to play the Cat but if I do, starting as a pet sounds fun. Give me a few lines about the animal's personality, I'll see if I can integrate it into everyone's favorite constellation.]
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Re: The Cat | Tortall Universe

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[it's not her cat, but Amy would definitely notice and try to help a poor animal stuck out in the rain. She smiles and kneels down, covering them both with her umbrella]

Hey there little guy. Did someone leave you out here...?
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Lleld Kemberaene | Dragonlords

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[In March Laurel Kendall echoed back a dormant dragonsoul which pushed her to falling out of love. This led to breaking an engagement, and she has been making her way in Vegas in the time since. Now, wracked by claustrophobic Echoes, she's leaning out the doorway of a shitty little apartment building, looking down at quite a drop. She pulls back - and then takes a running leap out into thin air!

Laurel's body barely starts to fall before dissolving into a red mist which spreads and spreads, forming a winged shape - and then there's a red dragon gliding overhead, clearly looking for a place to land. I still can't decide if it's better to start her as tall and she Echoes the height of an "undersized ten-year-old" or start her short. If she's short her dragon form is around elephant size, if she's tall holy shit what.]
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[personal profile] jasminebloominginshadow 2014-09-03 06:44 am (UTC)(link)
[for once Jasmine isn't the only thing in the sky that doesn't belong there, and her little jaunt to Vegas to see what was going on has resulted in something... interesting. Namely, a dragon flying about.]

Holy shit...! Did you come out of the mountain or something?!
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[Laurel-the-dragon banks, dismayed by sudden company and not super clear on how this flying business works. She tries to speak but it just comes out as a sort of rrrrr-chough! sound. Guess she hasn't echoed telepathy yet!]
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sorry for the delay

[personal profile] jasminebloominginshadow 2014-09-10 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
[okay, did that thing just roar at her or did it just wheeze? In any case, it seemed to be trying to communicate]

... Look. I'm not a princess and there are no herds of sheep down there...
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[She eyeballs Lily, enough of the whites of her eyes showing to give her a wild look, and resumes spiralling vaguely downwards, looking for a space big enough to land on.]


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There is a figure making its way through a crowded marketplace. Unless one is a small child, an animal, a magic user, or an Anthropomorphic Personification it's hard to distinguish any details about it. It's... tall, yes. Probably thin. Definitely blue-eyed. The tracksuit is kind of incongruous. But basically, this is normal.*

The figure has an hourglass and keeps checking it with growing concern bordering on panic. Still, it's grinning.

*Some things are difficult for the human mind to grasp, and so it refuses to accept them. This process is very helpful in maintaining sanity.
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[personal profile] seed_of_memory 2014-09-03 06:46 am (UTC)(link)
[Fuyuka is a magic user, so she notices something... odd about this man right away. It's hard to tell what, though, so she zeroes in on him in an attempt to learn more]

... Excuse me, sir. Are you alright?
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Khordeshkhistriakhor | Tales of Kolmar

[personal profile] akhorishaan 2014-08-30 11:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[I tried this guy out back here. Why not try again!]

The gym where Virgil did his laps was inaccessible now, but the rising of the mountain had also led to great flooding and a huge new lake. One problem solved by something else, and now he wouldn't have to pay gym membership! No one stopped him from swimming here.

But today as he shucked his shirt he noticed some discomfort in his navel and under his fingernails. Prying at both with a pin, he dug out thin dirty slivers of gold from his nails, a kind of minute coronet from out of his stomach.
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[since the upheaval, Fuyuka had been investigating the area around the mountain. And she came upon this scene, causing her eyes to widen in surprise. What was this man doing to himself...?]

Sir?! What... what are you doing? Is something wrong?
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Oh! Oh, I was just... lint, you know, sorry.

[With how he startles and looks around frantically, and shoves the gleaming metal into the pocket of his swim trunks, that is the Least Suspicious Delivery Ever.]
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[personal profile] seed_of_memory 2014-09-12 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
... Lint.

[that seems reasonable. She sighs and walks closer]

You do know it's dangerous out here, don't you?
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Y-yeah, lint. My shower stopped working and the supervisor won't answer his phone, and it's been a few days...

[In Akhor's canon, dragons automatically change the dirt they sleep on into gold. So when Virgil goes to sleep when not completely clean...]

Um. Sorry? I don't think anything's happened in like a week, it looks fine.

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Ladd Russo | Baccano!

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[Ladd Splot was not the luckiest man in the world. His child eloped with some girl, half the force was taken away because of some illegal activities, and now the mafia were trying to take route in the city. Now, Ladd wasn't the kind of person that cared for the Numbered, truthfully, he could give less of a crap about them. But, he still had to do something, right? That was his job.

But now he was a Numbered now. Memories not belonging to him swarmed his mind, clouding it and giving him a heck of a headache.

He sat on a bench in the park, staring down at the ground. He was still in uniform.

...This damn headache. [He groaned loudly, massaging his temples.] Just what I need on a day like today.

...And who the hell is Lua?

[He's talking to himself, don't mind him.]
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Harry Dresden | The Dresden Files

[personal profile] no_love_potions 2014-09-03 10:49 pm (UTC)(link)
[Talk about your sticky situations. Harry had known that trouble was going to find him eventually if he, intrepid reporter that he is, kept poking his nose into the recent rash of mob attacks. And found him trouble had in the form of some augmented mob goons who were intent on roughing him up. He'd evaded them for awhile before they'd caught up with him in a blind alley. It all seemed lost until that weird hollowness struck again and when it cleared, he was holding a six foot length of carved oak in his hand. He didn't have time to think about it, though, when one of the goons came for him. Instinctively, he whipped the staff out and shouted the word that had come to him in a previous Echo.]


[And the blast of force erupts like a cannonball from the staff, streaks across the alley and catches the mobster square in the chest. The impact carries him up and out of the alley and through a window all the way across the street. Whoah, that was... way more than he'd ever thrown into that spell before and for a second, he's just staring across the road with the thugs.]


[This time, for once, Harry isn't sticking his nose into things that will get him into trouble. He's actually just out, minding his own damn business, even drinking a coffee when randomly, out of the blue, an Echo comes in.

Spacing out for a few steps, he barely notices the person coming up to him before he bumps into them. Fortunately, the impact knocks him out of the Echo trance.]

Oops, sorry.

[Unfortunately, he's not yet aware of just what this Echo returns and makes the mistake of making and holding eye contact with this person for a split second too long....]

[Wildcard. Hit me with one of the other options or come at me with your own. Whatever.]
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[personal profile] onecream_fivesugar 2014-09-03 11:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[It had only been a few days since she last saw him... but honestly with everything that had happened since then, it felt like it had been forever. Or that it might not ever happen at all, she for one was incredibly grateful that she'd get the enjoy the simple pleasure of having her dad pick her up again. Just to see him again was a huge relief in her heart.

With two very uncomfortable brushes with the mafia behind her now, she knew one thing. She couldn't keep this a secret anymore. The whole being one of the numbered thing. She'd have to tell him, today would have to be that day.

She stood a good distance further away from the edge of the curb than she normally would while she waited for him. The edge of the road and her didn't really get along at the moment.

...For obvious that reasons most certainly involve kidnapping.]
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[Fifty-two hours and seventeen minutes. That was exactly how long it had been since Harry had last seen Robyn, he only realized now that some part of his mind had been counting off every last minute.

Every one of those hours had been filled with a sort of panic he couldn't describe. The last time he'd eaten anything had been only a few hours after that and sleeping was not an option from the moment he'd realized that nobody knew where she was. Phone calls and searching. That was all that had filled his time. Right up until he got that last call.

His little girl was okay and needed him to pick her up.]

[It had taken a conscious effort not to slam the gas pedal to the floor all the way there, but he'd managed it. Even so, he takes that last corner a little too fast and the car lurches to a stop when he sees her there. He realizes a second after the car door's open that he hadn't even bothered with a seatbelt, but that's forgotten soon enough as he rushes around the vehicle toward her.]


[What he saw be damned, he wasn't going to calm down until he had her.]
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[personal profile] onecream_fivesugar 2014-09-04 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
[She... Well she looked better than when she was trapped in a dingy old warehouse not too long ago. She had borrowed a change of clothes from a friend and had managed to clean up little bit before she called him. That didn't fix everything though, her eyes were still red from hours of crying and she looked absolutely exhausted. Harry wasn't the only one who hadn't slept much in the last fifty some hours.

When she see's the car come around the corner she flinches. It brings back some bad memories as to how this entire thing started a couple days ago. ...But when she sees her dad come out of the car her lips curl into the most sincere smile she's had since she left the house a few days ago.

She tries to match his pace to meet him, but she's still too tired and she wobbles and stumbles every few steps. ...Eventually she just gives up and holds her arms out. She had been through this a couple times over the last few hours.]
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scarlet_devil: ([Teen] Huh?)

B. Hope this works.

[personal profile] scarlet_devil 2014-09-04 02:03 am (UTC)(link)
[The collision almost knocks Emilia over, and that earns him an angry curse in Romanian and a demand to watch where he was going. But then eye contact is made...

Her soul gave the impression that it was that of a teen from a rich, European family on the surface, that she had immense pride in her family, and feared to lose things she considered 'hers'. Friends, family, possessions... She kept a hold of them fiercely.

Deep down, there's a sense she is hiding something, though.

Besides that, there is an image of a young girl in a pink dress with bat wings, her skin much too pale.

Just like that, it all fades, leaving a very confused Emilia.]

no_love_potions: (Oh shi--)

Just fine

[personal profile] no_love_potions 2014-09-04 02:51 am (UTC)(link)
[His apology is cut off abruptly when their eyes meet and the images rush through his mind. No, more than that. For that brief eternity he's there, seeing these things and understanding.]

[And Emilia sees him as well.

Two men. Mirror images, opposites. The first is... the man she sees right in front of her. Good enough, with strong ties to his family and a few rough patches here and there that show that not everything has been perfect. There are scars there, marks where he's seen and lived things most people shy away from and the various hurts that come with living.

The other is... different. The other man stands with his back to her, dressed in black and scarred from battle, holding fire and ice in his hands. The ground at his feet is scorched and littered with remnants of the dead. Slowly, the two start to blend together....]

[And then the vision is over and the regular city street comes back, complete with the tall man who'd just bumped into her sharing the same confused expression.]

scarlet_devil: ([Teen] You can't be serious)

[personal profile] scarlet_devil 2014-09-04 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
[She blinks a few times, the images still sharp in her mind, even as she looked away, wondering just what exactly that was. An echo or something?

Now that she's gotten a good look at him, it turns out she just bumped into Robyn's dad... What are the odds?]

Just... what was all that just now?

...Interesting way for us to run into each other again.
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[personal profile] boxingbuff 2014-09-04 05:39 am (UTC)(link)
[Ladd had been spending most of his morning enjoying the peace for once, strolling down the street in his police uniform with nary a care in the world. Even if he had gotten those weird echoes now, things didn't seem that bad. Well, for him at least.

The window in front of him suddenly shatters, as a man is sent rocketing through it. It's enough to make anyone jump out of their skin, but Ladd shows less shock than that. He gives the wreck a confused look before turning to where it came from.

...What the hell?

[He quickly crosses the street and enters the alley, giving the assembled people, and Harry, a curious look.]

So, I'm guessing one of you monkeys has an explanation for why some guy just entered that store across the street without using the door. [His eyes dart from person to person.] Hmm? Hmm?
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Jacob Wilconson / Jib Janeen | Thrilling Adventure Hour

[personal profile] hiallmybuddies 2014-09-04 05:38 pm (UTC)(link)
A | Transportation | Action

[Jacob- or was it Jib now? Honestly, Jib seemed to have a nicer ring to it than his former name. In any case, Jib glanced around the bus stop, looking for anyone notable.

He wasn't sure why the past version of him was so hellbent on discovering people's secrets. But it suddenly seemed like a great idea. If he was lucky, maybe he'd run into someone from the Network. That'd be a great source of information.

And so he approached the first people he could find, waving giddily.] Hi buddy! How you doing?

B | Network | Video

[Why look, it appears a familiar face has appeared on the network. Who is it? An old friend, an old enemy, who cares? The person Jib is impersonating is a little tied up at the moment, giving him the perfect chance to cause a little chaos.]

Hi all my buddies! Its me! Your pal!

So, bad news guys. I was just minding my own business, as I do, when I was attacked! By a handsome and crafty alien spy! I've got him locked up in the next room, but he's somehow made himself look like me! Its super-duper creepy.

This could mean anyone of us could be a spy! We should hunt down the impostor and hang them! Hang the spies to death! And maybe give them our secrets? Whaddya think?

[Most clever spy ever.]
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[personal profile] seed_of_memory 2014-09-14 02:45 am (UTC)(link)
[this is obviously some kind of trick. Fuyuka sighs mentally, before deciding to see what information she can get out of him]

This handsome alien. Could you describe him for us? Both his appearance and what abilities he seemed to have?