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Test Drive Meme


Because all our characters are the modern reincarnates of the characters we know and love, you need a modern mundane AU! Post your character with a couple details about who they are now. Use a prompt to set the scene! And tag around.

->Stranding Shower Inclement weather has suddenly forced you to take shelter. There's someone else under this overhang or bus stop - this might take a while, so you might as well get to know them.

->Mafia Menace Armed thugs with catlike mutations are attacking someone to tell them to stay out of the metaplot! This will end well!

->Cliffside Calamity Vegas has turned into a city atop a mountain. Things are somehow intact, but now the front door to something you have to get in or out of overlooks a sheer drop.

->Superhuman Sighting You have an interest in seeing one of the numbered - is that one there?

->Superhuman Surprise You felt hollow for a moment, and now you're numbered! Suddenly you're that much closer to canon and manifesting a mutation, a power, or a strange memory! Probably in public!

->Wild Card Combine prompts or pick something less alliterative! Monsters! Cultists! Boring days at the mall!

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