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Sponsored by spoilers for canon deaths, here's the successor to Train to the Afterlife-
Waiting to Save The Earth

Your character has died of causes known or unknown to canon, and they know they're dead. But instead of wherever they're supposed to go in canon, if anywhere, they're in a Fluffy Cloud Heaven, with endless white clouds and blue skies. Normal equipment and clothing are gone, but they're supplied with possibly-skimpy white robes or even just ribbon, optional pitchforks or musical instruments, and dossiers about their reincarnations. Don't drop those! You can't get through the clouds until your time!

Characters get either white feathery wings and gold-ring halos, or horns and barbed tails. Already have either? Too bad, they get more. Otherwise they may or may not look like they did at death, but if they died of violence wounds are painless, replaced by glowy white scars, and possibly healing more and more the longer they've been here.

Practice your harp. Investigate mysteriously impassable gates. Fly if you can. Climb cloud mountains. ...Is that a fully-stocked bar? And chat with your fellows waiting to drop through the clouds and reincarnate. Doesn't matter if they're born decades apart! Or even aren't actually in the game yet - hey, for all we know they're in-game and Echoless.

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