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All purpose CR/plotting meme!

The All-Purpose CR/Plotting Meme

And again things are moving, and will keep ever moving... good if we have a moment to chat on the way...

The meme is open to, as per always, making arrangements with and between:
- Current characters in game.
- Potential characters - any characters you may have in mind up for app/re-app consideration, who there is a header for under the main post.

If you have an app in that has not been processed, please, don't be shy about commenting around for prospective CR and plans on entry - though, of course, remember that plans will be tentative!

On a relevant note, remember that the third location is open now, set on the Austrian-German border, opening up another place that can produce newly-awakened reincarnates!

For characters of either status, toss up a comment with your character's reincarnated name, pre-incarnated name, canon, and occupation in the subject line. E.x. "Cinderella | Rarity | My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | Family Pet" In the body, of course, place any information you see fit; go on ahead and use this form if you'd like a place to start or take it however you feel -

(As a modly note: (Legal) explorations of the Orbital Station will be possible starting (ICly) on the 18th of October!)
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Nicholas Archibald Leone | Nicodemus Archleone | The Dresden Files

[personal profile] hangmansnoose 2014-10-11 09:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Nicholas Leone
Pre-Incarnation: Nicodemus Archleone
Location: Locke City
Occupation/Position: Corrupt Politician. Possibly on City Council?

Nicodemus is the willing host of a fallen angel and leads the Order of the Blackened Denarius. He's possibly spent thousands of years walking the earth causing chaos and corruption but it's hard to tell exactly how long because he has nasty habit of destroying any record of it every few hundred years.

He'll be someone on City Council who for the most part has had well known neutral opinion on the numbered. Possibly known for some shady activities in the past and a vague connection to the mafia in the past. He's mainly out for himself and that'll only get worse when he becomes a numbered himself.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: He has a wife and daughter. Probably a well known face around Locke in general. He's probably "best buddy" with the cops.

Open/Wanted CR: I'd like some mixed opinions on him.

Haunts: City Hall, The gym, public events, the library.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Boring Politician stuff, he'll be very curious about the numbered have to say about Locke in general, though he may not do much to help them in the long run.

Other Info:

Anything Else?: “Nicodemus is a murderous murdering murderer...”
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fancyitalianassassino: gonna do side quests 5eva fuck ur problems (nope)

Salvio Zanetti | Ezio Auditore da Firenze | Assassin's Creed | Mafia Hitman

[personal profile] fancyitalianassassino 2014-10-30 04:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Salvio "The Falcon" Zanetti
Pre-Incarnation: Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: Mafia hitman

Ezio was a revered member of the Assassin brotherhood, one of the greatest Mentors the order had seen and far less of an asshole playboy that his reincarnation has become.

Salvio by comparison actually enjoys killing for money and unironically loves putting forth the Hollywood mobster vibe a la The Godfather. He finds it a romantic and desirable lifestyle. One thing's for certain--if you're a target of the Falcon, you're most likely going to end up dead, and no amount of bodyguards or underground bunkers are going to help you.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Both his parents are still alive, his father a known mobster. He also has three sisters. While he doesn't have a steady girlfriend, he has women that he has "friends with benefits" situations with. Other player-controlled mobsters and those connected to the criminal underworld in Locke will know him, if not by having met then by reputation alone.

Open/Wanted CR: anything, really!

Haunts: Mafia-controlled bars and clubs, shady gambling dens, his apartment, and art museums. Yes, art museums.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Art, movies, liquor/cocktails, mafia-related things, anything his boss might find needing to be silenced

Other Info: I'm hoping to app him this round, so I'm excited to build CR in general... Salvio has known he is a Numbered for eight years now, but he has hidden it, and wants nothing to do with it. He's also been hiding it from his boss, which...might come back to bite him in the ass.
Anything Else?: I apologize in advance for the shameless playboy hitman.

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stopinthenameofawe: (Melissa [Amused])

Melissa Lyre | Original | Police officer

[personal profile] stopinthenameofawe 2014-10-11 01:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Melissa Lyre
Pre-Incarnation: A cop turned into a vampire hunter turned into a vampire. Her life kind of sucked
Location: Locke City
Occupation/Position: Police officer (for now)

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: The Lyre clan is vast and growing, so while family is a thing it would have to be cleared with like four people. XD She's a cop, she goes to the gym, and those with close CR to Nick, Eugen, or Karl are pretty easy for her to find connections with.

Open/Wanted CR: Melissa needs more friends. She's attached enough to the network now that she'll be more open to over network friendships

Haunts: Police station, park, gym, she's been less of a barfly recently but still possible
Potential Subjects of Interest: Cop things, vampires, drinking and other adult things (she is a great role model ok)

Other Info: In a few weeks, Melissa is going to frenzy, which is the fancy World of Darkness term for losing control over herself and basically resorting to instinct like an animal. As a result, she is probably going to look at quitting the force since she's kind of a danger to everyone.
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[personal profile] professorwolf 2014-10-11 04:49 pm (UTC)(link)
These guys need to hang out sometime :: chinscratches :: They have connections through Nick and Karl both, and that whole frenzy thing will definitely hit buttons with him over his werewolfing. He might even be available to come help during said frenzy, if it's at night? Or do you already have plenty of people to help contain her? :3

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well I don't think I can help with frenzying buuuut until then does she want to deal with this human sack of mope and despair? 8D

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[personal profile] scarlet_devil 2014-10-19 11:00 am (UTC)(link)
These two vampires gotta hang out more.

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Phillip Santorini | Pharos | Persona 3 | Student

[personal profile] darkhourdear 2014-10-11 01:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Phillip Santorini
Pre-Incarnation: Pharos, the small creepy child who would show up in the middle of the most creepy hour of the day to talk about fate and death and the end of the world. Also he kind of WAS the end of the world.
Location: Locke City
Occupation/Position: Middle school student and theater kid

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Phillip's family is up for apping! He has a sister, parents, and probably cousins somewhere. He's a kid, obviously, so the kids stick together, and it's easy to know him from soccer, school, or community theater stuff.

Open/Wanted CR: Anythiiiing. I've been kind of failing with Phillip recently, so any CR would be great! Would also like some older kids to adopt him and keep an eye out for him so it doesn't have to just be Toushirou's job

Haunts: School, soccer fields, theaters, park, anywhere that he might walk his dog
Potential Subjects of Interest: Dogs, soccer, theater, school, death, fate... things like that.

Other Info: Phillip actually has a hell of a lot of terrible information about his past life that he keeps under wraps... partly because he doesn't see a problem with death and knows that creeps people out and partly because bits of it genuinely upset him.
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Julien | Yuuya | Hatoful Boyfriend

[personal profile] espigeonage 2014-10-11 04:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Julien Sakazaki
Pre-Incarnation: Yuuya Sakazaki
Location: Presently Neuschwanstein Area, though he can look elsewhere, too.
Occupation/Position: ...tourist magnet? it's hard for harpies to get jobs, okay.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Julien's traveled a lot through the States and is very friendly and personable. Old friends, from Locke or elsewhere, are always welcome! I also wouldn't mind relatives, but we'd have to talk!

Open/Wanted CR: Nothing in particular - I do like him to make friends!

Haunts: He's just... kind of meandering around the new region.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Hard to say. Julien likes people easily and likes to give comfort and advice, or play and tease.

Other Info: I have no idea what I want to do with him, I'm just kind of going with the flow. He might go see the orbital station? Or infect the German birds with the uplift virus - it works slowly, so the main effect would be lots of pigeons dying.
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Randall/Randolph Lyall | Parasol Protectorate | Unemployed Teacher

[personal profile] professorwolf 2014-10-11 04:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Randall Lyall
Pre-Incarnation: Randolph Lyall
Location: Locke City for the moment, but he'll likely be spending quite a bit of time in Neuschwanstein as well
Occupation/Position: Unemployed high school biology teacher

Lyall is a long-time Numbered whose seen a lot of people come and go, who is generally mild-mannered, and who is also a werewolf originally from Victorian England. The accent is back, and the desire to wear a cravat and waistcoat, but otherwise he's still pretty American. He went public on television recently, so he's also being hounded by the press and in potential significant danger from the mob. Finally, he's dating Nick Burkhardt kind of on the sly, since Nick needs his cover intact for the police as a crooked cop. Only kind of, because they're not very good at hiding.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: His parents live in Iowa and he has no siblings, but hey, if somebody wants to play some older folk, they could totally come bother him in Locke, especially now that he's public about his identity. Previous students are always welcome, as he's a bit protective of them, as are previous co-workers at the high school or friends from college.

Open/Wanted CR: More former students? Current students for once he gets a job will also be welcome. He needs more people to mentor and look after.

Haunts: In Locke: walking the streets (he walks as much as possible), in wolf form anywhere after dark, Espresso Yourself to get to the teleporter, the library because libraries are restful. In Neuschwanstein: walking the streets (obviously he can't bring his car to Germany), in wolf form anywhere after dark, the library again, the rented inn though I don't think he's staying there as of yet.
Potential Subjects of Interest: PR. Lyall is trying hard to improve relations with normal folks, though his focus right now is Neuschwanstein, since he's afraid Locke is a bit of a lost cause and he really doesn't like Vegas much. Also, if your character is turning into some kind of monster, he's there to be sympathetic, as one of the first monsters around.

Other Info: I'm aiming to get Lyall employed again soonish, I'm just warring between working in Neuschwanstein and picking up a job at an alternative school in Locke where they're by necessity less picky about who they hire.

Anything Else?: Come play with the polite and dapper werewolf? :3
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[personal profile] onecream_fivesugar 2014-10-13 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
These two need to talk again at some point.

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[personal profile] charcoalfeather 2014-10-11 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Rakka Yoshitoshi
Pre-Incarnation: Rakka
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position:High School student

Estranged heiress to a company halfway across the globe, Rakka is a quiet, but very kind girl that was once... Rakka, the Haibane, who was also trying to figure out why she was here and what happened in her previous life.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: She has a father and a mother still living in Japan, and there was a lot of students back there and in Locke that knew her.

Open/Wanted CR: Anything. Rakka is a generally friendly character, and can get along with most. Negative CR is welcome as well. But how you're going to get on that side of her is another story.

Haunts: The Dians residence, which she is currently living at. The library, Locke City High School, the mall. Also, the campsite in Germany, and the museum.

Potential Subjects of Interest: Things involving angels, biblical things. Anime of all kinds and videogames. Fairy tales. Books in general.

Other Info: Since she's in Germany now and getting drunk with friends like a responsible teen, she's going to be acting a little differently than she normally does.
Anything Else?: She's going to be testing out her rocket boots again. Who knows what will happen.
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Anthony Janvier | Anthony | Eternal Darkness | Incredibly Unlikely Cashier

[personal profile] scramasax 2014-10-11 05:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Anthony Janvier
Pre-Incarnation: Anthony | Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: Employee at Espresso Yourself

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: His immediate family consists of only two caring but workaholic parents who've been defaulted to in assumption as having educationally-related professions - neither actively desired (unless-well on the off chance one might be entertaining the idea of apping canonmate Paul Luther in which case I'd be fascinated by the potential to lay most anything out) and likely to have by now dropped patience and declared him runaway. He also has quite a host of relatives French-Catholic in background, including one married aunt and several cousins he was particularly close to when he was small. Agreeable, well-read, and eager-to-please as he is, he was also a bit of a teacher's pet in elementary and much of middle school.

Open/Wanted CR: Absolutely anything that'll stick is a constant! However, at this point he could definitely do with more people who he can securely consider "friends" - encouraging, let's-have-adventures/let's-be-our-normal-except-not-quite-normal-selves-together people or anyone who could (gently or not) give him a boost in getting out of the shell he's working out of. I am also frankly interested in shipping and mutually frictional CR but realize that either would be tricky.

Haunts: He doesn't get out much except to go to work.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Apart from the blatantly obvious (death, monstrousness, medieval and magical/occult themes), see below!

Other Info: As of October 9th, he is in a fix - he's been framed for murder by the mob and knows he has, and given that that required killing three non-Numbered and got him threatened by many more, he's getting quite invested in figuring that the reincarnates really do need to A. mind their PR, and B. get rid of the mob.

Toward B, he figures it's at least as simple as starting off by proving in soe way that he didn't do it - and that anyone else who winds up in a similar mess in the future didn't - and tying that back to and pursuing into/sleuthing back to the mob (which I'm expecting would culminate in a fight or race to Albero).

Toward A it's needless to say more complicated - surely it's got to start with making a more active, visible, consistent "awareness" PR effort. If anyone would be game for organizing something formal, be it a press/PR subgroup or a place for 'em to mingle hopefully-securely with non-Numbered, he'd be very for it.

I'm additionally looking into getting him to ICly-enough leave his current place of residence.

If I can't manage a plan for all these things within the next week or two, I am going to need to bow out.

Anything Else?: I did some plurk-cutting last month that did get a couple people in-game, but mostly on grounds of us not speaking or planning together much at all - if I got you and you'd like to be in touch with me there, give me a nudge and I'll re-add!
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[personal profile] detectivetroll 2014-10-11 05:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Nick's in a definite struggle over keeping his cover intact and saying screw it, but he will of course help however he can!

He has the recording of the mob explaining their organization of the murders as well as a recording of their involvement in the ThunderCorp kidnapping a while back, both of which he'd trust to Anthony.
stopinthenameofawe: (Melissa [Cheers])

[personal profile] stopinthenameofawe 2014-10-11 05:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Once Melissa a.) stops being a cop and b.) gets her powers back, I am totally up for her helping with PR. Her powers are basically PR magic, after all.
peacefulwinter: (That's the idea.)

[personal profile] peacefulwinter 2014-10-11 07:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Winter has already talked about something like this before, but got just a bit distracted before she could really do anything. This seems to be a good time to bring that back up.
icy_heavens: (Master and dragon)

[personal profile] icy_heavens 2014-10-11 05:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Toushirou Hitsugaya
Pre-Incarnation: See above
Location: He'll mostly be in Locke, but he's hardly averse to popping up in the other barriers if there's trouble.
Occupation/Position: Middle School Student

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Classmates, teachers, soccer coaches/teammates. He hasn't got much family, but I'm open to the possibility of slightly more distant relations; he would have family originally from Japan or Sweden.

Open/Wanted CR: Mentors, people to fuss at him, people to try and get him to HAVE A LITTLE FUN FOR A CHANGE.

Haunts: School, libraries, parks, stores where he might be running an errand for his granny, he pops into Expresso Yourself sometimes.
Potential Subjects of Interest: Plot-related stuff will usually score his attention. He's more on guard about the mafia now, so news about them would be especially relevant. Also, things related to ghosts and related beings.

Other Info: He's not officially out as Numbered, but there have been vague news reports about a middle-school boy having fought Refined Shell. This, combined with the fact that he ditched class as soon as news of the attack broke out, has people at his school suspecting him. He's been known to the FBI since Wise Snake, and now to Rose Bonbright.
stopinthenameofawe: (Melissa [Amused])

[personal profile] stopinthenameofawe 2014-10-11 05:32 pm (UTC)(link)
phillip demands hanging out

how do you feel about laser tag :D

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Walter Price | Wander | Shadow of the Colossus | Retail employee

[personal profile] waltharius 2014-10-11 06:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Walter Price
Pre-Incarnation: Wander
Location: Locke City
Occupation/Position: Bookstore employee

Sweet, friendly, but slightly neurotic stick in the mud. He's out as a numbered person and is most famous for killing a giant spider before being attacked by tentacles and passing out in its gross spider blood.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Small family, and he went to a small Catholic high school, but if there's something you wanna try, let me know! I am open to anything.

Open/Wanted CR: Trying to get him to branch out and make more friends, primarily. Antagonistic CR is also welcome, though.

Haunts: Bookstores, especially the one he works at. Around town doing various errands. Church
Potential Subjects of Interest: Angels and demons, possession, how much cats suck, weird physical transformations, baking

Other Info: Walter is halfway possessed at this point. The physical effects are glaringly obvious and he sticks out in a crowd with the weird black lines on his skin and his extreme paleness. Those that know him will notice that his hair has gone dark. He also experiences pain and general sickliness, though he hasn't told anyone about that.

I do have some plans for him this month, which involve nearly blowing himself up with an explosive arrow and potential mafia consequences. Open to plotting of all sorts! Kid kind of needs a pick-me-up.
dominateartimus: (Talking plans)

Xander Jarle / Sandrath | Original

[personal profile] dominateartimus 2014-10-11 08:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Xander Jarle
Former soldier of the military during 2002 - 2006, was honorably discharged due to the death of his twin brother, Conleth. Did talk to a non-numbered therapist who suggested to record his days on a voice recorder, takes anti-depressants, sleeping pills and occasionally smokes to make it through the day. He moved to Locke in the middle of August 2013 with his black Siamese cat, Connor. He's now a grocery store baker, owns a second cat and is presently at war with himself due to his preincarnation's echoes.

Pre-Incarnation: Sandrath
A former arch-angel before being corrupted by a substance known as 'demon blood' during several wars. He went to the surface to find answers after spotting an unused vessel but ended up getting side-tracked by gaining new abilities and indulging in more 'demon blood'. Another angel interfered with his search, causing the vessel to compensate for two beings instead of one and was dragged along for various adventures. Until they found a gateway to "below", which he betrayed his 'allies' and switched sides. He's a fallen arch-angel now and enjoying his new life in a body of his own, but he has to deal with some interesting opponents from time to time.

Location: Locke
Occupation/Position: Grocery store baker

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Extended family (grandfather on dad's side is very religious), old class-mates from elementary to high school (although Xander's family moved about every few years), military relationship with him, his brother or father. Ex-roomates or ex-boyfriends / girlfriends. Regulars that frequent the bakery section or co-workers. Anyone that he might have saved during the Wise Snake or Possessed Car or Refined Shell events via the shadows.

Open/Wanted CR: I'm open to any type of CR.
Although, he can be a bit socially awkward at first if it is a friendly conversation since he tends to distance himself from others. He gets better over time, especially now that he's echoed back being more sociable.

Haunts: He usually keeps to the bakery section of his work place or the appropriate aisles if he's out getting ingredients and usually spotted walking everywhere. Most of the time he sticks to staying at his apartment.

Potential Subjects of Interest: Since he knows what he's becoming, he's keeping an eye open for more posts involving angels / demons and supernatural creatures. He tends to keep to himself a lot, so it's hard to say what else may grab his attention aside from posts from his friends.

Other Info: He's been considering scouting out the mafia even though they are aware of his shadow mimicry. Also, he is down a room-mate so, he'll be looking for someone to fill the place and help pay for rent.

Anything Else?: I can be reached through plurk with: [ profile] joccatpaw or private messaged on this account.
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Robyn Lyre/Ruby Rose | RWBY | Student

[personal profile] onecream_fivesugar 2014-10-11 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Robyn Lyre
Pre-Incarnation: Ruby Rose
Location: Locke City
Occupation/Position: Student

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Friends! Family! Teachers! She's been in Locke long enough that these are all decent options. Family kind of has to go through like 4 people but feel free to join!

Open/Wanted CR: She could use more negative CR to be honest.

Haunts: Comic book stores, malls, ice cream parlors, places a dorky teen girl would like to hang out. The park more often now that she has a giant dog to walk.
Potential Subjects of Interest: She adores super powers and loves seeing them in action.

Other Info: She was kidnapped in September and that can be kind of a touchy subject for her. She tries to act put on a strong face and act like it didn't happen but that slips up every now and again.

Anything Else?:
title or description title or description
gogoghostpowers: (Default)

[personal profile] gogoghostpowers 2014-10-13 05:28 am (UTC)(link)
HEYYYYY CHECK IT OUT NOW WE'RE BOTH TRAUMATIZED! 8D I don't know what exactly we wanna do with these two now but we can certainly do it.

Also if you want more negative CR I can always throw Jovan at her more! He'll make everything really inappropriate and sexual and uncomfortable, and he won't stop until he's dead (literally).

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arrowpoint: (➹ calad)

[personal profile] arrowpoint 2014-10-12 10:28 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Liam Brendon Benedict
Pre-Incarnation: Legolas
Location: Permanent location is Locke, but he's in LV for now.
Occupation/Position: Ahaha Technically he has a job in a family company that does sustainable housing, but it's likely that his family connection is the only reason he's not fired. Such a slacker.

Liam is a dork, and fails a little bit at life. His intentions are good, and he cares about his friends a lot, but don't be surprised if he ruins something or hurts himself. This will get better with time as he becomes more Legolas-like. He's more serious now than he was at the start due to echos and the events of the game. Right now he's also got some sea-longing issues and the scary memory of a balrog.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Liam recently graduated from Darthmouth college, College buddies, professors, or etc. is welcome. His father is also a well known artist with an art gallery in NYC, so maybe somebody on the artist scene too? Family connections are also possible, easier on his father's side than his mother's.

Open/Wanted CR: Looking for outside cast CR, and people who can tolerate him.

Haunts: There's a vegetarian cafe that Gabriel once showed him that he goes to now and then, and there's always work. Work is in an office building now and he's probably known as a slacker and just getting in because of his family.

Potential Subjects of Interest: The environment (and trying to save it), Veganism (plz yell at him for being a bad vegan), hiking and outdoor activities, and lately stuff about the sea or sailing, as well as any talk of Elves or Dwarves.

Other Info: Right now he's hanging out with the Dwarves near Erebor, though he's not happy about it.

Anything Else?:
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Danny Fenton // Danny Phantom // LCHS student

[personal profile] gogoghostpowers 2014-10-13 12:00 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Danny Fenton, high school nerd and conspiracy theorist/rollercoaster tester by day, increasingly more hated ghost superhero by night
Pre-Incarnation: Danny Fenton, high school nerd and child of ghost hunters by day, kinda hated ghost superhero by night. Very little has changed.
Location: Locke City, NJ
Occupation/Position: high school student at LCHS!

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: Teachers! Classmates (friends or bullies alike)! Family friends! Relatives! Conspiracy theorists who hang around on Danny's parents' forum! I'm open to all of it. (however, Danny's parents and sister are off-limits.)

Open/Wanted CR: As usual I'm open for anything, but if people want to try to cheer him up (and probably make things worse in the process), I'd love that. Also people who get fed up with him moping and set out to smack him across the face or something. But seriously, I love any and all CR I can get, I've never really played Danny in this mindset before and I wanna see what happens!

Haunts: Locke High, of course, where Danny's reputation as weirdo has now gotten weirder, with rumors of him freaking out in the middle of the SATs. He's started frequenting Espresso Yourself more often, but he also goes to the local park a fair amount.
Potential Subjects of Interest: He'll be on the network less, buuuut ghosts are always a hot button for him. Clones now, too. Also general conspiracies about what's going on. Also if someone is calling him out specifically. It's hard to say because his interest in the network is more diminished now but I'm open to anything and will SHOVE HIM INTO POSTS IF I HAVE TO.

Other Info: Sooooo Danny's just had an incredibly traumatic echo that has left him pretty morose, depressed, and a whole host of other awful things. He's gonna pretty much give up the heroing mantle for now, and he'll be hesitant to do much on the network for a while until people smack him around a bit for being a little shit.

Anything Else?: I might not be done screwing him up just yet. hehehehe.
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Jovan Burzek (Nathan Young) // Misfits // Vegas scammer

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Character: (Richard) Jovan Burzek, a former LCU Honors student who has since died, dropped out, and gone to Vegas to scam casinos and put on magic shows (in that order).
Pre-Incarnation: Nathan Young, a juvenile delinquent who gains the power of immortality.
Location: Las Vegas, NV!
Occupation/Position: Professional casino scammer, beginning to get into the "performing magic shows in Vegas" business.

Pre-Network CR Opportunities: People might know him from his days in Locke as a good student in LCHS and LCU--teachers or students alike. Jovan also TA'd some classes at LCU, so.

Characters might also recognize him as the murder victim from a few months ago who got a lot of news coverage--found dead in a pool in Vegas, buried in Locke.

Open/Wanted CR: More in-person stuff would be great, for all the time Jovan's spent in Vegas he hasn't interacted with too many people face to face there! But also literally anything, I'm always happy for CR, especially anything that builds into a weird friendship kinda deal.

Haunts: CASINOS MAKIN DAT CA$H MONEYYYYYYSSSSSS but uh he might also go out a bit further and explore more of the area.
Potential Subjects of Interest: IMMORTALITY. BEING AWESOME. MAKING MONEY. STUPID SHIT IN GENERAL. As stupid as it can get. Being gross and sexual is a plus, too.

Other Info: He's recently gotten a lot more vulgar and rude, even in person, so I'd love to actually play that out more! C8 Also he's super Irish now. Mega fuckin' Irish.

Anything Else?: