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Wanted characters/ATP-ad

In preparation for the next ATP, whenever it comes around, and doubling up as a Wanted Characters post, please give us your castmates/character/etc wishes here. This post will also be linked on the ATP post to enable people to talk directly to those that wished for their character. Feedback on this format is highly encouraged!

[Here is the last ATP/Wanted post]

Anyway, use one of the two forms below:


Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters wanted: RUSSIA Denmark Norway Iceland ESTONIA Latvia SEALAND AMERICA Canada Ukraine Ladonia England
Characters already in game: Sweden, Finland, Floweregg
Canon: Devil May Cry
Characters wanted: ANYONE but mainly Lady or Vergil
Characters already in game: Dante
Canon: Hatoful Boyfriend
Characters wanted: Sakuya, Hiyoko, anybirdie!
Characters already in game: Yuuya
Canon: Kamen Rider Blade
Characters wanted: Anyone, especially Kenzaki
Characters already in game: Hajime
Canon: Middle Earth: Canon: Tolkien/Middle Earth/Hobbit/LotR/Silmarillion
Characters wanted: BALIN, Gimli, Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Bilbo, more of Thorin's Company, Rivendell/Gondolin/Mirkwood people, any elves or dwarves really, all the peoples
Characters already in game: Thorin Oakenshield, Fíli, Legolas, Glorfindel
Canon: Touhou Project
Characters wanted: Sakuya, Patchouli, any of the SDM lot. Would love to see a Reimu too.
Characters already in game: Remilia Scarlet, Flandre Scarlet.
Canon: Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger
Characters wanted: Anyone and everyone.
Characters already in game: Torin

Type of CR: for example: Any kinds of relatives or close friends! Close relatives require a bit of planning and must be white-Japanese, but cousins can be more flexible and friends can be anyone at all!
Character looking: Julien Sakazaki is famously or infamously striking as a half-bird in a (relatively) normal world. Eternally cheerful and friendly, he's more troubled than he lets on.
Type of CR: More Thorssons & family! Specifically I'd love for Thorir's (early 50ies) wife to be picked up by someone, or for someone to play one of his kids, but generally just for characters from any canon to be a part of this family (shock them with not being a dwarf. Be Tyrion Lannister confuse everyone.)
Character looking: Thorir is almost 54, his younger brother Hjalti's son Killian as well as their sister's son Fil are also in game, as is Thorir's wife's niece Ariel. The family is (upper) middle class, and despite having lived in America for a while now has a very strong Icelandic heritage though there's Irish on Killian's other side as well. Here is a thing that can always be expanded if needed.
Type of CR: Looking for Liam's Dad, Arnold Benedict - a (very) rich artist living in NYC.
Character looking: Liam Benedict (Legolas) age 21, with a twin sister. He had an Uncle (Mother's side) living in Locke who had the family's properties, but he moved away.(Dad's side of the family is rather flexible!)

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