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TEST DRIVE MEME: Good weather?

I almost literally can't believe it isn't snowing right now just to piss me off.

How it Works
Due to the nature of Save the Earth, it's a more complicated process to play in than most other games. With this in mind, it can't hurt to experiment a little.

Post your character and in the comment share a few details regarding their reincarnation. Repeat if you have multiple ideas you want to try out, as many as you like. It's also suggested that you set a scene and there's a few prompts below to help there, but think outside the box if you like. Then tag around to other threads and help your fellow prospective players to test out their characters and the variations on them. Don't be afraid to presume a little CR to make a scene flow more freely, or to assume an Echo or two. If you have an app, complete or in progress, you might want to link it.

Current players may also use these meme to test out specific future Echoes, or as a general meme. Certain scenarios may even be transferred to game canon if both parties agree and it does not conflict with in game events.

Prompt 1: Location

The Park
The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip whatever go to the park.
Ice Cream Parlour
Don't lie, this is the first place you want to go the moment the sun even half appears.
The Pool
That, or here.
At Home
Because naturally when it's a nice day you want to cower inside.
Barbecue Party
Abandoning all paranoia, everyone has turned up at a barbecue. It's the wildest party imaginable.
Apparently Locke City has one. I bet it's nice.
Country Hike
All that nature out there can be visited too.
The Street
Oh man, this is the worst location prompt ever. I apologise.

Prompt 2: Event
Suddenly, Rain
And here's you in just a white shirt and short shorts.
A Public Echo
One of those places up there triggers an inexplicable Echo. Are you going to have to grab a hat to hide those new horns? Maybe it's even your first.
A Date
I hear nice weather gets people in the mood for romance. I'm against it, personally.
Here on Business
Mysterious goings on have been detected in the area and it's your job to check them out. Some suggested shenanigans could include plants that try to eat people, a red herring new statue or maybe this thing popping out from behind a bush to play a saxophone in an irritating manner. Go nuts.
Getting Used to a New Echo
Maybe this one is a pain in the butt, either if because it's noticeable or hard to control. Or maybe you just like to practice.
Everything is Normal
Things aren't bizarre 24/7, you know.
Alien Invasion
The Martians* are attacking! They want our brains/world/women/hot dogs. Take these freaks out... or cower in terror.

*Martians are not actual Save the Earth villains.
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Loki | original flavor Norse mythology

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[ooc: Lucy Lyesmith is a young lady in her twenties who desperately wants to break into show business. Or singing, or reality shows, or anything that will make her famous. Unfortunately, she has zero star potential and only mediocre talent, on top of horrendous luck. She's got a small job as a stagehand in Locke City's biggest movie studio, and still dreams of being in the pictures one day.]

[A: Ice cream]

[It's not that Lucy doesn't care about ~keeping her figure~. She wants to keep it very much. But she also has poor impulse control, which is why she's sitting at one of those cute little outdoor tables with stripy umbrellas, wolfing down a monstrous brownie sundae. And loving every second of it.]

[B: Sudden rain]

[Lucy really should have gone back for an umbrella when she heard the thunder, but really, it was only ten more minutes to the bus stop, and if she missed this bus, she was going to be late. Surely she could make it --

....nope. Now her clothes are soaked through, her hair a sopping mess, and her shoes need to be bailed out. Squish, squish, squish. Lucy trudges miserably through the rain and puddles, her bag held uselessly above her head. Will you help her out, or let her suffer until she reaches the bus stop?

When she gets there, she ducks under the small shelter and immediately takes off her shoes, shaking the water out of them as best she can, glaring death at the wet world outside.
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Hanging around the boardwalk-- particularly the ice cream shop and the hot dog place right next door-- is a great way to get food. Well, it is when you're a stray cat. And really a lot smarter than you look. And you know how to beg.

This particular stray cat is leggy and adolescent-looking, just barely half-grown, and a kind of dingy white with black patches here and there, a very long and skinny tail, and bright green eyes. In another life, he was a wizard; in this one, he's just a strange stray who happens to understand human speech and occasionally spit out a few words in it, himself.

Lucy has ice cream, and is outside, so she's his current target. He saunters up to her and sits himself down right at her feet, just barely out of petting range, and looks up at her with wide, innocent eyes.
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She peers back down at him, spoon still in her mouth.

"What are you looking at?" she asks darkly. This was her ice cream. If it was begging, this cat had another think coming.
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The cat flicks his tail a little before curling it around his paws. His ears are a little oversized, making him look even more kittenish, and he isn't giving up quite yet. She might drop something on accident, after all.

He opens his mouth and gave a little, purring, hopeful mew. Yes, indeed he is begging.
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"No way. This is mine." She takes another bite of it, savoring the not-quite-cooled-yet hot fudge. "Look at you, pretending you won't run off as soon as I give it to you. You're shameless." Lucy huffs. Besides, didn't chocolate make cats sick? She's sure she read that somewhere.
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He has no idea if chocolate makes cats sick. He's never had it before. His last offering here had been vanilla ice cream, and strawberry once. That had been surprisingly tasty.

"Prrrrrup?" he says. "Just hungry!"

Oh wait, that part came out understandable. Whoops.