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Wanted characters/ATP-ad

The ATP-ad for this game is up here and in the spirit of it we want to try to do an interactive wanted characters/atp-ad.

Which is fancy talk for: Please give us your wishes here and we'll link this post as a wanted characters page on the navigation and also add a link to it to the ATP-post. People that are interested can then talk directly to the person who requested those characters. Feedback on this format is highly encouraged!

Anyway, use one of the two forms below:

Eternal Darkness
Golden Sun
Haibane Renmei
Hatoful Boyfriend
Heartcatch Precure
Kamen Rider W
Kill La Kill
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Makai Ouji: Devils and realist
Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters
Touhou Project
kyoumibukai: (keyword: u suck)

[personal profile] kyoumibukai 2014-07-28 09:24 am (UTC)(link)
Canon: Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters
Characters wanted: Escape, Ryuuji Iwasaki, Hiromu Sakurada, oh god I want a Kurorin...
Characters already in game: Masato Jin, Yoko Usami, Beet J. Stag, Enter.
Characters reserved: None

Canon: Kamen Rider W
Characters wanted: Akiko Narumi, Ryu Terui, Wakana Sonozaki, Kirihiko Sonozaki, other Sonozakis...
Characters already in game: Shotaro Hidari and Philip.
Characters reserved: None