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Yes, that's rumour with an extra U, deal with it nerds

1) Post an anonymous rumour about your character or others in StE! They can be silly ("I hear Julien and Torin have a secret nest full of bird eggs they're raising together!") or serious ("A reliable source told me that Danny is the one leaking info to the mafia!")
2) Wash, rinse, repeat.
3) Respond ICly to other people's rumours.
4) It's almost like I'm in high school again! Except if any of you start calling me four-eyes I'll bash yer fookin 'eads in I swear on me mum.
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the *:・゚RELATIONSHIP TABLE・゚:* meme
♡ Get together all the characters your character may consider dating. (Or possibly befriending, allying with, etc.)
♡ Put their names together for organizational purposes.
♡ List all the PROS and CONS of dating/allying/befriending.
♡ Post them here and watch the travesty unfold.
♡ Check back later to see if you're datable. No one is late. (✿ノ◡‿◡)ノ *:・゚

As brought to [community profile] fairynuff from [community profile] etcelsior

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i thought about FBI CAPTURES GIANT NAKED PERSON but thought that might hit too close to home for aave ♥

this is a simple meme! post what the tabloids are saying about your character, make up huge conspiracies, blame reincarnates on obama, photoshop awful tabloid covers, etc. basically, what's sensationalist media saying about your characters? how close are they to the truth?

(blame ken)
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A new season, a new cast, a new and/or advanced brace of friend- and foe- (and other-)ships.

How to Play:
1. Post a comment for each of your characters.
2. Reply to comments with your own requesting thoughts/musing/etc. on their CR.
3. Feel free to comment to characters you're interested in building CR with while you're at it - for opinions on where it stands and/or a take on where it might be going in the future!
4. Reply to comments under your characters' own accordingly.

Have at it!
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So, now that season one is officially concluded, it can be surmised that the speculative fandom for this this thing would be going completely nuts, so it's time for another meta fandom meme!

This one is simple. Just update us on how you think the fandom reacted to the season finale and what lead up to it, with their speculations on what will happen in season 2, either individual characters wise or shipping wise (because fandom) or overall plot wise (this time I'll make sure the first comment will be overall plot speculations). This can also include stuff about the actors of course.

Have fun you guys.
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'Tis Valentine's Day.

Care to do a bit of celebrating?

Drop a comment by your character here divulging whatever plans they've got in motion for today or anything they may be giving out to their CR!

Of course, if they do not have plans, they may still very well participate. Comment anyway - and cruise about commenting with gifts in spirit. Use each character's comment as an IC (if not necelink ssarily canon) inbox if you'd like - link romantic and/or platonic songs, Comic Sans Valentine's cards, go to this site as suggested by Leriel and throw together a highly symbolic bouquet, anything to get the sentiments out.

In other words go all-out in as serious or tongue-in-cheek of a Valentine's spirit as you please!

Have fun, thee all.
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What if Save the Earth was a television show -
how would the fandom get it wrong?

Original meme in posted in July here courtesy of Krystal!

How to Play:

Post a comment for each of your characters - with a description as brief or long 'n loving as you like with a fandom/fanon version of their StE-self. What ships are they in, what are fan theories on what their pre-incarnations were like, what moments that they've had are they unable to live down, what are those fanfics that absolutely no one is ever going to forget?

Before, after, or optionally, reply around to other people's comments with more - contrary opinions to aforementioned fanon, that one ship which slipped their mind (which really should not have been done as clearly it's superior to any of the ones they mentioned), crack your injokes, etc., whatever your brain draws up.

Go wild!
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It's been a couple months and we've gotten a lot of new people lately, so I think it's time for the:

Save The Earth Plurk Friending Meme

It's simple:

1. You take the code from the box.
2. You put it in a comment and fill it out.
3. Friendings and hilarity ensue.

Code grabbed from the previous meme.
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The Doge Meme!

1. Post with your character(s)
2. Go here
3. IC-ly make doge images for other characters
4. In this meme, everyone knows about doge. EVERYONE.
5. Regret all your life choices
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There have been loads of new characters and new configurations of threads since our last one! And thus, where is the harm?

To any and all up for it:
1. Post a comment for each of your characters.
2. Reply to comments with your own requesting thoughts/musing/etc. on their CR.
3. Feel free to comment to characters you're interested in building CR with while you're at it - for opinions on where it stands and/or a take on where it might be going in the future!
4. Reply to comments under your characters' own accordingly.

Have at it!
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"Today is the first day of the rest of your life...           
         As someone who you were not the day before.

To Locke City."



Let us all round up just what is going on in the as of this past year apparently plagued Locke City, NJ.

As 'tis well-known, Locke's been subject to such events as mysterious pink lights in the sky, that recent much-too-sizable earthquake that killed over a hundred, and alleged terrorist activity - say nothing of the rumors around an explosion in the sky in early November and of cockroach men in the sewers, pigeon flu, snake-monsters in the now-bombed Dead District and so on.

But o' course what else might our supernaturally-inclined characters have been getting into that might've attracted some notice?

Feel free to note, gather, and share any shenanigans your characters might've been up to that might have caught a few eyes or fed into the media here - for the referencing and/or plotting around as you please: from there, feel free to peruse and plan exactly what the word on the street around them might be in-universe, and/or ask and poke around for anything that characters might be able to react to or use as a seed for future interaction/plotting!
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This one's pretty simple! Just post your characters and the things they're getting for their CR for Christmas. Then plot reactions/shenanigans/generally flail at each other! :D
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Questions Meme

This is a meme in which you TALK FOREVER. How it goes:

1. Make a thread for yourself in this post, listing the characters you play and your own name.
2. Go find someone's thread to jump and ask them A QUESTION. The question can be anything, RP related is common, of course, but not necessary. Who do you want to app most? What does Character A think about Character B? What's your favorite flavor of icecream?
3. Answer all questions asked of you! Once you have answered, end your response with a question for the person who first questioned you. This is important to keep the discussion going and going.
4. This goes back and forth indefinitely until someone gets tired and can't reply anymore.
5. Have a lot of fun! ♥

This game is a fun way to get to talk to people, headcanon, and learn things you didn't know before! Because it involves gives and take, it can go quite a while and everyone can participate and possibly make friends.

Here is an example.
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Hey there StE, do you know what time it is? It's time for:

The Save the Earth Plurk Friending Meme!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Since it looks like it's been a while since you guys last did one, I decided to post a new one. >.>

So you know how this works:

1. Grab the code from the box
2. Put the code in the comment box and fill it out.
3. Go around and read everyone else's comments on the post and friend the heck out of everyone
4. ????
*shot for the tired meme*

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> The Park. Man, what a nice day out. Why not enjoy it? I'm sure -- shit, yep, there's some echo monsters.
> The Mall. Exactly what it says on the tin! Dodge the hordes of teenage mallrats or take part, whichever suits your tastes.
> Rainy Day. Agh, it's fucking awful out. And is it raining those vermilion things?? Now you've got an Echo to contend with on top of everything else. Find some shelter, quick!
> The most horribly kitschy Arts and Crafts Fair you can imagine.
> Wild Card! Make up your own.
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rules are fairly straightforward but:

1. post with your characters
2. comment around asking other people about your characters' cr
3. get tl;dr about how their characters feel about yours and give tl;dr to whoever comments to you
4. have tl;dr discussions if you want to, reuse shit for cr charts, etc.
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Since we haven't touched on the Meta Fandom in a while I figured we could give this a shot.

You know how lots of fandoms like to make up all kinds of wild theories about the shows they watch and the various story arcs, especially the personal arcs of their favorite characters. They also have various thoughts and opinions about those characters that might influence those theories. Well, then, what do you think are the most common opinions the fanbase has about your characters? What are the most popular theories about them, their past lives and the possible future directions the story will take them? Post in the comments giving me your answer.

You're also free to comment on other people's posts to talk more about character relationship opinions and the like. Because shipping is the life blood of fandom, and there would much talk about that too.

Bonus points if you can think of anything about what the fandom thinks of the show and plot in general, though it's probably easier to just talk about our characters really. XD;
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A simple meme. Post a comment describing a hypothetical meeting between the Save the Earth AU version of- hold on, this is a meme so we need a silly picture.

A simple meme. Post a comment describing a hypothetical meeting between the Save the Earth AU version of your character (IE the one in this game) and the original version (IE the one straight out of the TV show/book/game.) either with a description of their opinions or with an actually written out conversion.

Also, if you like, you can continue by way of tagging other people's posts, and threading out an encounter between your StE AU and their Original Flavor version. Or between your your Original Flavor and their StE AU.


Nov. 2nd, 2013 09:56 pm
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Image has nothing to do with anything, I just like the Codex Seraphinianus

Fanart: it can be pretty boss. Or funny. Wanna show some off? Here's your meme!

If you don't have STE fanart for your character, feel free to provide your favorite general fanart! Do not worry about quality. Please, if you're going to put up images larger than... idk, 600 to a side? about the size of the above image - then link them to spare browsers.
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Goodness, has it been more than 2 days since we had a meme where we could all yell at eachother incoherently? I believe it has!


Has your character ever wanted to confess something to another character, whether good or bad? Well, here's a chance for your character to confess whatever's on their mind! Who knows, maybe it's your character's deepest darkest secrets - despair-worthy tragedies such as failing to save someone to cheating on your third grade history exam. Or maybe yours is just itching to tell someone else that yeah, you think they're kind of a prick. You know how it is.


01. Post with your character!
02. Post to other characters, either logged in or anon, and tell them how you really feel!
03. Remember, this is an IC meme, not an OOC one. OOC shenanigans are fun, but let's keep this IC!

(Code blatantly stolen from the same meme at Animus Tower!)